Five Fictional Schools I’d Love to Attend This Fall

fictional schools I'd love to attend graphic

1. Hogwarts

This was obviously going to be #1 on the list because who wouldn’t want to discover that they’re a witch/wizard and have the chance to attend a beautiful school like Hogwarts and discover the school’s mysterious while learning magic?  (I am open to learning more about other magical schools, however. Maybe attending an American one would also be cool!)

*The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

2. Imperial University of Carthak

If I were in a Tamora Pierce novel, I would definitely have the Gift and want to learn how to use it at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. (I’ll pass on the whole training to be a knight thing; I don’t think I’d be good at it.)

*Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

Tempests and Slaughter

3. StranJe House, A School for Unusual Girls

Stranje House has a reputation for taking on “troublesome” girls who aren’t acting like proper young ladies, but in reality the small boarding school is a haven for girls with unique talents who use them to fight off plots by Napoleon and his supporters. Also, every girl at this school seems to find a swoonworthy suitor.

*A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin

4. Pilfer Academy

This school has some questionable ethics (you learn how to be a criminal!), but it otherwise sounds like a a fun place to attend.  The school building is filled with everything its alumni have every stolen, and it seems to offer as many secrets and as much entertainment as Hogwarts, minus the literal magic.

*Pilfer Academy by Lauren Magaziner


5. Otter’s School

Otter is such a fun-loving and earnest character that I think I would love to attend a school run by her. She finds the magic in the everyday and genuinely wants to help out her friends (even Giraffe!).

*Otter Goes to School by Sam Garton

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20 thoughts on “Five Fictional Schools I’d Love to Attend This Fall

  1. Jheelam says:

    Hogwarts for me as well, though I’m sure I’d end up feeling as Luna Lovegood. Dunno about other boardings, but “A School for Unusual Girls” sounds intriguing (especially, the *suitor* part).


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