Annie’s Life in Lists by Kristin Mahoney

annie's life in lists


Goodreads: Annie’s Life in Lists
Series: None
Source: Library
Published: May 29, 2018

Official Summary

If you love kids like:
1. Anatastia Krupnik
2. Ramona Quimby
3. The Penderwicks

then you will love Annie! For Annie, lists are how she keeps her whole life in order. And there is a lot to keep track of!

Annie’s a shy fifth grader with an incredible memory and a love of making lists. It helps her keep track of things when they can seem a little out of control, like her family, her friends, and her life in a new place.

Annie has:
1. An incredible memory (really, it’s almost photographic) that can get her in trouble
2. A desire to overcome her shyness
3. A brother who is mad at her because he thinks she is the reason they had to move to Clover Gap, population 8,432.
4. A best friend who she is (almost) certain will always be her best friend.
5. New classmates, some of whom are nicer than others.
6. A rocky start finding her place in her new home.

Annie’s Life in Lists introduces a sweet new voice that finds that even amid the chaos of everyday life, it’s important to put things in order.

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Six Things I Liked about Annie’s Life in Lists

  1. The entire book is in lists; they’re aren’t just lists interspersed.
  2. There’s a wide variety of characters, and Annie has a friend group instead of one best friend.
  3. Annie’s new town has a Clover Festival, and people are really into it.
  4. Annie’s father likes Harry Potter.
  5. There are some simple illustrations scattered throughout.
  6. The book is fun and a feel-good read.

Three Things I Like about Annie

  1. She tries to do the right thing.
  2. She has flaws.
  3. She notes that even though she has a good memory, she’s not a crime solving genius like Cam Jansen.

One Surprising Aspect of the Book

  1. Annie’s older brother Ted is pretty good at making up band names.  The band names are better than those in The Beauty That Remains, which was an entire book about bands.

Two Things I Didn’t Like about the book

    1. The plot idea of a girl moving from the big city to a small town and having to adjust and make friends is not a new one.
    2. The format differentiates the book, but, as much as I enjoyed reading it, I know this is a book I’m not going to even remember that I read in a couple years.

4 stars Briana


12 thoughts on “Annie’s Life in Lists by Kristin Mahoney

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Great review, Briana! I imagine that using this format felt almost necessary after reading Annie’s Life in Lists. This sounds like the sort of book I’d really enjoy. I like quirky formats; they keep me engaged.

    I am curious: which band name from this book is your favorite?


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