10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in June

Post Round-Up

  1. Eric Smith shares “10 Tips for Authors on Using Social Media from a Literary Agent”
  2. Michael from My Comic Relief shares “Black Widow: Forever Red- Some Thoughts on YA”
  3. Interesting Literature shares five poems about football.
  4. Kelly from Another Book in the Wall asks how much time you spend blogging.
  5. The Orangutan Librarian explains why Scythe is cutting edge.
  6. Danielle from Books, Vertigo, and Tea discusses tagging authors in book reviews.
  7. Puput shares six things she misses about blogging while on hiatus.
  8. Lexie from Reading in the Wings features performer David Girolmo in  her latest Broadway Book Chat.
  9. Tarissa from In the Bookcase reviews Louisa May Alcott’s thriller A Long Fatal Love Chase.
  10. Tiffany from Read by Tiffany asks if book reviews are underappreciated.

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13 thoughts on “10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in June

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    Thanks for the inclusion! It was flattering to see the notification as it is to be in such good company. Also, it was an exhausting work week last week so this was an extra nice surprise to see :).


  2. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    As always, Pages Unbound had an amazing June! I love these wrap-up posts. I don’t know how on earth to select only 10 posts from other blogs to share each month! I read so many amazing posts, it would be hard for me to choose.

    I don’t Bookstagram, but I *adore* the Sailor Moon manga photo! Well done.


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      Thanks so much!

      Yeah, I kind of just cap it at 10 so it doesn’t become a never-ending list of awesomeness.

      Thanks! I need to buy more of the book because I feel weird about having only 5 and then 10-12…


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