Witch Switch by Sibeal Pounder


Goodreads: Witch Switch
Series: Witch Wars #2
Source: Library
Published: 2015


Tiga Whicabim has been adopted by the Brew family and is enjoying the fashions, food, and magic of Ritzy City.  But then her friend Peggy, the Top Witch, disappears and allegedly leaves the evil Felicity Bat in charge.  Tiga and Fluffanora are immediately on the case.  Can solving an old crime help them find their missing friend?

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The sequel to Witch Wars brings back all the original fun of the first book.  Tiga is living in the Brew house with Fluffanora and her pet slug (who sports a fabulous beehive hairdo).  The outrageous fashions, the trendy Clutterbucks drinks, and the wild adventures are all at Tiga’s fingertips.  Of course, the evil Felicity Bat just has to go and ruin things. But Fluffanora and Tiga are more than equal to the task of defeating her.  All it will take is some cats, some shoes, and some old-fashioned sleuthing.

The great thing about these books is that they do not take themselves remotely seriously.  In Witch Switch, Tiga and Fluffanora decide to infiltrate their enemy’s lair by taking on increasingly ridiculous disguises and by pranking Felicity’s sidekick Aggie Hoof.  The hilarity comes in because literally no one but Aggie could fall for their ruses, yet she does, time and again.  The result is a series of running gags that will have readers rolling with laughter.  The inclusion of Toad Magazine excerpts that give additional insight into Aggie’s mind only make everything funnier.

And everything in the story is amped up to ridiculous heights.  The witches of Ritzy City love fashion–so Pounder gives us fashion.  The craziest fashion you can imagine.  Even the slugs are fabulous.  Tiga’s sports an amazing beehive hairdo.  The witches also love their Clutterbucks.  So we go back to Clutterbucks again and again to bask in the atmosphere and try their amazing drinks.  Ritzy City is the city readers want to live in.  The one where everything is amazing.

Witch Switch is a fun middle-grade book that brings readers on a wild adventure.  It’s crazy, it’s quirky, and it’s just the kind of book to bring a smile to your face.

4 stars


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    • Krysta says:

      Welcome to book blogging! We have a tab of Blogger Resources that you may find helpful. I suggest starting with the “Complete Guide to Starting a Book Blog.” Best of luck!

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