Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas


Goodreads: Dragon’s Green
Series: Worldquake Series #1
Source: Library
Published: 2017


Effie Truelove is not sure magic really exists until her grandfather ends up in the hospital.  Then, suddenly, he is bequeathing his library to her as well as an assortment of magical objects.  But her father sells the books to a man Effie is not sure she can trust.  And thus she finds herself on an adventure to reclaim her inheritance and the truth about her birthright.


Dragon’s Green is a fast-paced and exciting adventure story that feels wholly original in the realm of middle-grade fantasy.  It seems based on role-playing games, requiring the protagonist Effie to collect magical items (called boons) and bequeath them to her allies, who all possess different innate abilities and thus different titles (scholar, mage, healer, etc.).  Together, they form a team that  can defeat an evil book-destroying mage.

A lot of intriguing elements come together in the story to heighten the mystery and keep readers intrigued. The story begins with Effie’s grandfather dying under strange circumstances and leaving her only vague hints about what to do with the magic she never really knew existed.  From there, she and her friends have to piece together the rules of the magical world, before they inadvertently do something terribly wrong or terribly dangerous.  Dragons, princesses, goblins, and guardians all make their appearances, making the story a very satisfying fantasy experience.

Dragon’s Green is the first in a series, but it’s the kind of first that really makes you want to read the sequel.  The characters are sympathetic, the world intriguing, and the mystery thrilling.  I, for one, am excited by the possibility of going on another adventure with Effie and her friends.

5 stars

10 thoughts on “Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas

  1. alilovesbooks says:

    Ooh this intrigues me. I used read a lot of Scarlett Thomas books so I was curious about what she’d do in a book for a younger audience. I’m adding this to my tbr. Great review.


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