10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in January

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogosphere

  1. The Guardian explores sexism in children’s literature, from male leads to male villains.
  2. The Orangutan Librarian lists all the ways you can shoehorn politics into your book.
  3. My Comic Relief discusses the elegant nature of Black Panther.
  4. It’s Lu Again talks reasons she would follow or unfollow a blog.
  5. Forever and Everly shares text and image formatting tips for WordPress.
  6. The Well-Thumbed Reader discusses things she used to like in books.
  7. Publishers Weekly lists their 10 most anticipated books based on movies.
  8. Reading in Winter talks about how becoming a mother changed her reading habits.
  9. The Bandar Blog tells non-blogger readers why clicks and subscriber numbers matter to bloggers.
  10. The Well-Thumbed Reader asks whether blog hopping can be a burden.

At Pages Unbound

March Tolkien Reading Event

Tolkien Reading Event 2018

10 thoughts on “10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in January

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    I love these review posts because they are short, to the point, and a wealth of interesting other posts! They are a bit like getting stuck in a Wikipedia black hole for me. Oops! 😉 Thanks for sharing so many amazing articles. How do you both decide what to share and what not to share?


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