The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis


GoodreadsThe Dragon with the Chocolate Heart
Series: Untitled #1
Source: Library
Published: May 2017


Tired of her family not allowing her to leave the family cave, Aventurine, a young dragon, sneaks out to capture the most dangerous prey of them all–a human.  But the first human Aventurine encounters turns her into–horror of horrors!–a human girl!  Luckily, Aventurine has a new passion.  Chocolate.  And she’ll do whatever it takes to get one of the most coveted jobs in the land, apprentice to a chocolatier.


The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart is a delightful middle-grade fantasy featuring a spirited heroine and plenty of sweet treats.  From the start, Aventurine is determined to prove her worth, first to her family, and then to herself.  Though she faces plenty of challenges and setbacks, she pushes through with sheer grit and the help of loyal friends.  It’s the type of book that makes whiling away the afternoon with a story one of the most enjoyable parts of the weekend.

One of the beautiful messages in this book is the idea that other people make you stronger.  Aventurine begins by being distrustful of others and thinking she can do everything by herself.  This leads her to hurt those who care about her, to turn away help when she needs it, and to ultimately think she is a failure when she makes one mistake.  However, Aventurine’s journey is not just about embracing her spirit and the things that make her unique.  It’s also about finding the strength to be vulnerable and to allow others to carry her at times.  It’s a refreshing take on strength, one that acknowledges that it’s okay to be imperfect–because everyone is.

And, of course, there’s the chocolate.  Candies, hot chocolate, you name it.  Any lover of dessert is sure to want Aventurine to succeed in her new position as apprentice to a chocolatier!  After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by chocolate all day every day?  It’s the sweetest kind of story!

4 stars

16 thoughts on “The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

  1. Sam Frost says:

    Just reading the description and review made me crave chocolate (not that I ever really aren’t craving chocolate…). This sounds adorable and I’m adding it to my TBR immediately.


    • Krysta says:

      You’d better have some on hand while you read! 😀

      What’s your favorite kind? I like dark chocolate, but any chocolate is good chocolate, really.


  2. bookmurmuration says:

    Sorry, Krysta. I was replying to some comments on my post. Your comment about chocolate soudned v. much like it was about my post. (*confuzzled*)

    I totally agree with you. 🙂


  3. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    I just finished this the other night. I thought the premise was a bit much for me, but after reading so many positive reviews from other bloggers, I decided to give it a go. ‘Delightful’ is the right adjective. I did love all the chocolate!


    • Krysta says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t sure how a dragon turning into a girl would work out, but it was pretty fun! The book did make me kind of hungry, though….


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