Kinokuniya Bookstore (NYC) Review

Sailor Moon Display

A short while ago I posted my review of Amazon’s Manhattan bookstore (they’ll be building a second one there soon, though), so I’m continuing my tour of the bookstores of New York City this week by featuring Kinokuniya, which is located near Bryant Park.

Kinokunya is known for its selection of Japanese books and magazines, including a large selection of manga (you can buy translated manga, as well).  I went because I read online that the store has a great selection of stationery, as well a collection of Miyazaki merchandise.

The store is divided into three floors, which are generally stationery, an “average” book selection (there’s probably a better word, but imagine the types of books you’d find walking into a Barnes and Noble), and the manga/anime.  The third floor also has a small cafe, where I purchased a delicious melonpan.

The stationery/art area in the basement is wonderful and included all the adorable, unique supplies I was hoping for.  I didn’t purchases anything because, well, NYC prices, but I was very tempted!  There were some items I could expect to buy somewhere else, such as some notecards I have seen in B&N, but a lot of the items were unusual and worth going to Kunokunya for.


The ground floor holds “standard” books and gift items, but there was a nice variety.  When I went, the children’s section has a Paddington display and a Doctor Who one.  There were also NYC-specific gift items and fun surprises, like Pusheen.  I didn’t spend too much time on this floor, however, because it wasn’t really what I went to see.

The second floor holds an enormous collection of anime and manga, as well as some “geeky” merchandise.  I found a small display of Sailor Moon items here, as well as the Miyazaki stuff I was looking for.  There wasn’t quite as much Miyazaki stuff as I was hoping for based on the word of random Yelp reviewers, but there were two stands of it.  I could probably find a similar variety at Barnes & Noble or Hot Topic.  However, the plush Calcifers were pretty adorable.


I didn’t speak to any employees besides in the cafe, but from what I saw of their interactions with other guests, they seemed very friendly and helpful.  There are also signs around the store stating you’re allowed to take photographs as long as you’re considerate to other customers, so apparently aggressive photo-takers can be an issue for them.  I can see why, with such an unique and charming selection of items!  I would definitely recommend stopping here if you are ever in Manhattan.



9 thoughts on “Kinokuniya Bookstore (NYC) Review

  1. The Hermit Librarian says:

    I love Kinokuniya! You’re right from your observations, the workers are so kind. I think bilingual abilities are a mandatory skill for the job, so that’s interesting. 🙂

    The third floor is my FAVORITE. That cafe was where I first tried onigiri and choco-coronet. ❤ So much delicious food there. I also like how they have the Japanese manga as well as the translated versions. It's almost like getting the book early, even if you can't quite read it. ^^;


    • Briana says:

      That’s a good point! There are tons of bookstores I didn’t go to while I was in New York, but, yeah, a lot of them specialize in just mysteries or drama or some other genre. Books of Wonder does children’s books specifically, and I believe they have YA. The Strand also has a nice YA selection.


  2. Bionic Book Worm says:

    So cool!!! I want to go to NYC just to visit all the great bookstores! The only cool bookstore I’ve been to is in Toronto called “The worlds biggest bookstore”. It actually was the biggest at one point (it was SO intimidating!) but sadly it’s no longer there ☹️


  3. simply0strange says:

    I’ve been to the Kinokuniya bookstores in San Francisco and San Jose and absolutely love them. So many great books/manga and cute things! It is hard not to buy everything when I walk in ^_^


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