Lodestar by Shannon Messenger


Goodreads: Lodestar
Series: Keeper of the Lost Cities #5
Source: Library
Published: 2016


Sophie’s been betrayed, but she has to find a way to keep moving forward.  Time is running out before the Neverseen put their plan, the Lodestar Initiative, into action.  But exactly how far are Sophie and her friends willing to go to defeat the Neverseen?


Did I mention that I am obsessed with the Keeper of the Lost Cities series?  It has nearly everything you could possibly want in a fantasy series: detailed world building, a fun magic system, sympathetic characters, fast-paced action, and a hint of mystery.  Also alicorns.  If you’re not already reading these books, you are missing out.

Lodestar picks up shortly after the startling events of the last book, immediately drawing readers back into the action and intrigue.  Alliances are shifting and Sophie wants to believe the best of everyone, but she’s not sure whom to trust.  But even as she seeks a way to end the Lodestar Initiative and save her friends, a peace summit is gathering to discuss the fate of the world.  So why are the elves preparing for war?  Somehow in the  midst of all this drama, however, Sophie still finds time to build relationships and to enjoy the special moments of being a teenager. If only she could avoid her father’s talk “about boys!”

Lodestar is a welcome installment to the Keeper of the Lost City series, one that will by turns catch your breath, make you laugh, and make you cry.  It’s too cruel that we have to wait until the end of the year for book six.

4 stars


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