Which L. M. Montgomery Book Should You Read Based on Your Hogwarts House?

L. M. Montgomery’s most popular heroine is the red-headed Anne Shirley, but Montgomery wrote far more than Anne of Green Gables.  Below we recommend a few of Montgomery’s titles we think you might like based on your Hogwarts House!  We’ve even included a few of her lesser-known short story collections edited by Rea Wilmhsurst.


11 thoughts on “Which L. M. Montgomery Book Should You Read Based on Your Hogwarts House?

  1. paulavince says:

    What a great idea! I think it’s accurate too. I’ve always been sorted into Ravenclaw in every quiz, including Pottermore, and I’m very partial to the Emily series 💗 I can see why you’d make those selections for the other houses too. Well done.


  2. Ana says:

    ha! What a great concept. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books nor have I seen the movie but I am fascinated by all the following and how one book changed so many young people’s reading habits. This is a great post focusing on what readers might light based on what house they fall under.



    • Krysta says:

      I (obviously) think the HP books are great and worth getting around to one day! And sometimes I just like to read popular books/watch popular movies so I know what people are talking about. I didn’t realize how many Star Wars jokes I had been missing out on until I finally saw the films…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Artsyteen777 says:

    Omg Krysta I need help, I can’t even decide on my house. I might be a Gryffindor because I am told to have a good heart and I’m outgoing. But I’m very competitive like a Slytherin… what do I do? Being a Gryffindor is such an honor? Idk I don’t know if I’m good enough. Help!!!!


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