Neverseen by Shannon Messenger


Goodreads: Neverseen
Series: Keeper of the Lost Cities #4
Source: Library
Published: 2015


Sophie Foster and her friends have broken more laws than they can count.  Now they’re running from the Council and trying to find safety with the Black Swan.  But treachery lurks around them.  How can they move on from the ultimate betrayal?


The stakes are getting higher in the fourth installment of the Keeper of Lost Cities series.  Having repeatedly defined the Council, Sophie and her friends now fear exile and are on the run.  The moment readers have been waiting for is about to arrive.  Finally we will meet the Black Swan.

Messenger does a brilliant job expanding her world in this new book.  Readers get to learn more about the hideouts of the Black Swan, meet gnomes and learn more about their ways, travel to Exilium, and get a taste of what ogre country looks like.  Finally readers’ curiosity begins to be satisfied, at least a little.  So many mysteries were opened at the start and now questions begin to get answered.

Though there is  much travelling, the momentum of the series carries forward full steam ahead as our heroes train for another big operation: the rescue of Prentice.  Danger lurks everywhere and new alliances will be formed even as old ones begin to crumble.  Some of the revelations are not particularly surprising.  Others add just the right amount of drama.

If you’ve travelled this far with Sophie and her friends, Neverseen is another engrossing installment in the series.  It may be around 700 pages, but it feels like far less.

5 stars


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