Witch Wars by Sibéal Pounder


Goodreads: Witch Wars
Series: Witch Wars #1
Source: Gift
Publication Date: January 2016


Tiga spends her days in the shed hiding from her mean guardian.  Then Fran the Fabulous Fairy appears and tells Tiga she’s a witch!  Below the pipes lies the world of Sinkville, where a competition called Witch Wars is about to start.  If Tiga wins, she can stay in Sinkville.  If she loses, she must return to live with her nasty guardian.  But how can a witch win a war without any spells?


Witch Wars is a fun middle-grade fantasy that delights in its own quirkiness.  Though the premise may seem familiar–a neglected orphan is rescued by discovering her magical abilities–Pounder makes the story feel fresh and fun.  Filled with a cast of delightful characters and set in a world where anything can happen, Witch Wars is sure to make you want to return again and again to travel through Sinkville with Tiga and her friends.

The characters in Witch Wars really shine.  From Fran the Fabulous Fairy’s obsession with fame to Fluffanora’s ambivalence to winning Witch Wars to Tiga’s enthusiasm upon discovering the amazing clothes and food of Sinkville, each character comes alive, bringing heart and humor to the story.  Even the bad witches determined to cheat their way to the finish line are fun to read about.  And because the story is a middle grade, you can rest assured that Tiga’s nemeses will find their comeuppance in a quirky but satisfying ending.

Witch Wars is an exuberant story, one determined to make readers laugh.  If you’re looking for a quick but enchanting story, Pounder has you covered.

5 stars


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