Everblaze by Shannon Messenger


Goodreads: Everblaze
Series: Keeper of the Lost Cities #3
Source: Library
Publication Date: 2014


Sophie longs to know about her past and about her kidnappers, and she knows just where to find the information she wants.  However, treading the minds of criminals is a dangerous task.  As Sophie sets out to do the impossible, she begins to realize that some people really do want to watch the world burn.


At this point, the books are all starting to blend together.  Each is 500-600 pages and focuses on variations of the same plot–Sophie’s attempts to find the Black Swan, to learn her past, and to unmask the rebels.  I’m not entirely sure if each book has a well-defined plot with a clear trajectory or if I’ve been devouring them to fast to notice that they do.  All I know right now is that the books are getting less terribly ridiculous as they go on.  We’re actually starting to enter serious fantasy territory here.  And I’m so disappointed that I’m left grasping as the fact that at least Sophie still has a laughable three love interests since she’s so beautiful and powerful and all that.

This third book is the darkest yet, with Sophie and her friends being asked by the Council to do impossible and dangerous things.  As the book progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the Council seems lost–and the elves are starting to notice.  When chaos erupts as a result of one of Sophie’s assignments, the elves begin to turn against her.  Sophie is no longer sure she is welcome in her new world.

Messenger adds layers of intrigue, putting her characters through extreme suffering as they confront the reality of the forces they oppose.  War looms on the horizon and soon the elves, who never die of old age, may know all too well what grief for lost lives feels like.  Middle grade books sometimes have an undeserved reputation for being less complex than YA.  Everblaze demonstrates that MG can be incredibly dark and complicated, as well.

4 stars


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