Mini Reviews: Sam Garton’s Otter

Otter Loves Easter by Sam Garton

In this charming tale, Otter loves Easter because Easter means chocolate!  But she doesn’t want to share her Easter gifts with her friends.  With his typical wit and whimsy, Sam Garton presents  a story with illustrations that will amuse readers and a lesson that will warm their hearts.  After all, if the Easter Bunny is good at sharing, perhaps Otter can learn to be generous, as well. 5 Stars.

Otter: Hello, Sea Friends by Sam Garton

This beginner reader introduces young readers to various sea creatures from turtles to sharks to Otter’s favorite–the penguins.  Though the sentences are simple, Garton’s illustrations bring a special charm to the story.  It’s delightful to watch Otter’s body language throughout the book.  Her expressiveness makes her contrition just as charming as her excitement.  You just want to scoop her up and give her a hug!  There’s not much of a story here aside from the trip to the aquatic park, but reading Otter is a treat nonetheless.  4 Stars.

Otter: Let’s Go Swimming by Sam Garton

This is the best Otter beginner reader yet!  It has all of Otter’s signature charm, including her habit of ascribing her fears to friends Teddy and Giraffe.  The illustrations are disarmingly charming–I even laughed out loud!  Thus far I have found the picture books superior to the beginner readers, but this latest may have started a new trend. 5 Stars.


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