5 Great Things About Milliebot Reads

In November 2016, we shared six of the blogs were were grateful for and five things we loved about each one.  It was a popular feature, so we’re bringing it back, featuring some more bloggers we hope you’ll visit and love, too!

I’ve always loved books – at some point in my life, I realized had too many books to keep track of and had purchased some doubles on accident. It was at this point I realized that I had way more unread books than I thought and I needed a better way to keep track, so I joined LibraryThing in order to log all my books. I then decided to cover all my hardcovers in the same protective plastic libraries use, because, why not?

She Features Beautiful Cover Art

If you love looking at gorgeous illustrations or comparing covers of the same book, Milliebot has you covered.  Her feature Judging a Book by its cover has showcased, among other works, this gorgeous version of Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein and an illustrated version of Cinderella by Carmen Rose Garcia.

She Features Amusing Posts In her Feature on the Life of a Book Hoarder

Whether it’s discussing the futile search for the right edition of a book or talking about how she organizes her shelves, Milliebot approaches the life of a bibliophile with a sense of humor.

She’s an Eclectic Reader

From Gone with the Wind to The Bone Witch to Bridge to Terabithia, Milliebot is ready to try a variety of genres and age levels so no matter what your preference you are likely to find a review to your taste.

She’s a Lovely Commenter

If you like interacting with other bloggers, Milliebot is very good about responding to your comments on her blog and she’s very friendly!

She Likes Cats

And cat people are kindred spirits.

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