5 Great Things about Books, Vertigo, and Tea

In November 2016, we shared six of the blogs were were grateful for and five things we loved about each one.  It was a popular feature, so we’re bringing it back this May, featuring some more bloggers we hope you’ll visit and love, too!

Books Vertigo and Tea

I am Danielle, a 30 “ish” yr old mother of two. I have an insatiable appetite for all things books. I adore bookstores, libraries, and falling asleep while surrounded by my current reads. I prefer to do the latter with tea in hand.

She Has Great Taste in Books in a Variety of Genres

Pages Unbound is a fairly eclectic blog in terms of genres of books reviewed, so I love that Danielle also reads in a wide variety of genres.  She also loves some of my favorite authors (Tolkien! Lewis!).  You can check out some of her book recommendations here.

She’s a Super Commenter

There are a few bloggers I really admire for their ability to really engage with the book community and comment seemingly everywhere.  Danielle is one of them.  She pops by Pages Unbound to say hello a lot and always contributes something interesting to the conversations in the comments.

She Shares Interesting Posts on Social Media

If I’m ever out of blog reading material, I know I can check out Danielle’s Twitter feed! She’s always supporting other bloggers and sharing great posts from around the blogosphere.

Danielle is a Doctor Who Fan

Krysta and I are huge fans of Doctor Who (well, maybe less so of some of the directions Moffat has taken with the show), and we love anyone else who is a fan, too!  And anyone who owns such a fabulous Doctor Who bookmark.  Danielle says the Fourth Doctor is her favorite.

Finally, She Reads Graphic Novels

Krysta has been reading a lot of graphic novels recently, so it’s always great to see someone else who likes them,  as well.  Check out some of the graphic novels/manga Danielle has reviewed here.

24 thoughts on “5 Great Things about Books, Vertigo, and Tea

  1. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    This is incredibly nice! Such a wonderful surprise after a long morning ❤ I am almost tearing up (okay, I actually am) reading these comments and knowing that you enjoy the blog so much. It has not always been an easy road, so to see that others are gaining something from my time posting is amazing, because I have found true friend and happiness here in the book community. Thank you for this 🙂 *slinks away blushing*

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