Classic Remarks: L.M. Montgomery Recommendations Beyond Anne of Green Gables

Classic Remarks

Classic Remarks is a meme that poses questions each Friday about classic literature and asks participants to engage in ongoing discussions surrounding not only themes in the novels but also questions about canon formation, the “timelessness” of literature, and modes of interpretation. We look forward to seeing your responses!

Tell us about your favorite L. M. Montgomery work, aside from any of the Anne of Green Gables books.

Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat

I love just about every book L. M. Montgomery has written, but I have always had a special place in my heart for Pat of Silver Bush and its sequel Mistress Pat.

Anne Shirley is famously imaginative and garrulous. Emily Star (from the Emily of New Moon series) has a reputation for being a bit odd; she has “flashes” and borders on interacting with the supernatural.  Pat Gardiner, in comparison, is one of Montgomery’s more “average” heroines–and I love it.   She’s quiet and fond of her home and her cats and somewhat adverse to change.  In short, she sounds like someone I might actually know.  And someone whom I would like if I did.

Montgomery can’t help but add some of her romantic touches, however.  Housekeeper Judy is Irish and firmly believes in fairies and the wee folk, and she’ll probably make you believe a little bit, too.  And then there’s the romance. I talked about why Jingle is one of my favorite Montgomery heroes in a previous Classic Remarks, so I won’t rehash it at length.  However, he’s friendly and earnest and kind and all the great things a strong love interest should be.  And he has an adorable dog.

Pat is sometimes overlooked because she’s quieter than Anne, but she is definitely worth knowing.

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18 thoughts on “Classic Remarks: L.M. Montgomery Recommendations Beyond Anne of Green Gables

  1. Krysta says:

    Pat is my favorite! And Hilary! And McGinty!! I also love the blend of the ordinary with a hint of the magical through Judy’s stories. And that Pat is such a very average heroine. Anne is very clever and a writer. Emily is a genius. Pat admits she is neither particularly smart nor ambitious. But she still gets to be a heroine.


  2. bibliopathictendencies says:

    Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite books growing up, and I’m so glad to have recently reread it. (I’m also lowkey really excited for the Netflix series!) But I didn’t even realize L.M. Montgomery had written other books! Emily sounds like a a cute and quirky character. I’ll have to check that one out!


  3. Tarissa says:

    I haven’t read the Pat books yet, though I truly want to. Earlier this year I discovered who my favorite L.M. Montgomery heroine is though. It’s Jane Stuart. And it would be VERY hard to knock her out of the top-ranking spot now. 🙂

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    • Krysta says:

      There were a few years where Montgomery’s other books weren’t readily available in the U.S. at least. But Sourcebooks has editions of I think all her novels now. And they have very pretty covers!


  4. Paula Vince says:

    Yes, I keep meeting people who adored Anne, but then claim that they haven’t been interested enough to follow her up with Emily or Pat. I find that a bit sad, and try to recommend them all whenever I can. As you say, Hilary/Jingle is such an appealing hero, and Emily’s literary aspirations and relationships are fascinating too.
    I also think The Story Girl and The Golden Road are interesting for those who enjoy books about childhood and adolescence.


    • Briana says:

      Yes! I bring up that Montgomery wrote other books all the time because people don’t know! But they’re always pleasantly surprised by how good they are if they actually go on to read them!


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