My Tolkien Collection (Guest Post by Emily @ Rose Read)

Tolkien Reading Event 2017

Every year on March 25, the anniversary of the Downfall of Sauron, the Tolkien Society hosts Tolkien Reading Day. This year’s theme is Poetry and Songs in Tolkien’s Fiction. The primary goal is to promote the reading of the works of J.R R. Tolkien! To celebrate, Pages Unbound will be hosting two weeks of Tolkien-related posts. In addition to our own thoughts, we will be featuring a number of guest posts! Check out the complete schedule here.

Greetings, weblings! My name is Emily, and I blog over at Rose Read. Here’s a little about me: I am a grad student studying Library and Information Science, though I started out as a high school English teacher. I also work on, the #1 Harry Potter fan site, and I co-manage the Apparating Library Book Club for the Harry Potter Alliance. Other than books and blogging, I love musical theater, hiking, dark chocolate, Mumford & Sons, owls, and unicorns. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @enchntdrose or my blog at! Thanks to Briana and Krysta for letting me do a guest post – let’s get started!

Today I’m going to share with you some of my most prized books in my entire personal library: my Lord of the Rings trilogy box set, which is a second edition from 1965. This set has sentimental value as well as being just really pretty. It was given to me after my childhood best friend’s grandmother passed away. My best friend and I would often spend time playing at her grandmother’s house, which was always great because she had the BEST cookies and a really cool old house to explore. One of our favorite places in the house was the basement. I remember it as a very dark, plush lounge, complete with a fancy old bar, fancy plush chairs, and a fancy, giant, old bookshelf. My friend wasn’t much of a reader, but I was always enamoured at the old bookshelf and would spend time just staring at it, afraid to touch any of the old volumes. After her grandmother died, my friend’s mom gave me this set of books from that very collection. The set still has its box and dust covers pretty much pristine. The top edges are tinted and there are pull-out maps in the back of each book. I love them more than a person probably should love inanimate objects. Behold:

Tolkien Books

Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings

Tolkien Map

Beautiful, no?

I’ve tried my best to find other Tolkien books to match these for the rest of my collection. I managed to find a Silmarillion copy that is from the same publisher, and it’s an American first edition, so it matches pretty well. Unfortunately, I do not have the dust cover, but it’s still pretty:

Tolkien Books

Then I have a first American edition copy of the Book of Lost Tales, which matches the others, too! This one does have the dust cover!

Book of Lost Tales

I sadly do not have an old Hobbit copy, but I do like the edition I have. Also pictured is A Tolkien Miscellany with short stories (that has AWESOME cover art of Smaug) and 3-Minute J.R.R. Tolkien because I am a sucker for pretty illustrated “quick guides” like these.

Tolkien Quick Guides

Tolkien Quick Guides 2

And that’s the extent of my Tolkien book collection. I know it’s probably not as large as the collections of Tolkien fans reading this post, but it is very special to me. I tried to build it around my prized trilogy set, which will forever remind me of the giant old bookshelf and the kindness of my friend’s grandmother. I tried reading different editions once, and it just felt wrong. I love the mustiness of these books and the memories they hold of the dark, plush basement – somehow the smell turns to Gandalf’s pipe-weed, and the dark basement into a candle-lit Hobbit hole, and it’s all part of the magic.

Do you have special copies of any Tolkien books? I know I can’t read any other copies than these!

6 thoughts on “My Tolkien Collection (Guest Post by Emily @ Rose Read)

  1. Greg Hill says:

    That looks like an awesome set, and the sentimental value only makes it more special I’m sure. I love it when a certain copy just evokes that magic. 🙂 And I do like that Smaug on the Tolkien Miscellany!


  2. Samantha B says:

    I totally get you! It can drive me crazy when a series book covers don’t match and I’m ready to do just about anything to put my hand on matching covers 😉

    Now, my collection is actually smaller than yours… I only own the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit (all in French). I’m planning on getting Tolkien’s other Middle Earth books eventually and get matching covers for those.

    My LOTR trilogy is very precious to me too. My parents bought it for me when I was little at a used book store, but the boxset looks new. The books have screenshot from the movies covers and since the movies is how I fell in love with the series, it is very special 😀 Recently, I bought a copy of The Hobbit, also with a movie cover to try and match the other ones 🙂


  3. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    I like the personal story you have to go with your lovely trilogy set! My collection is all copies I purchased myself. Although it’s not a special edition, I’m fond of my The Hobbit paperback, which was the first Tolkien book I purchased at 12 years old.


  4. Nandini Bharadwaj says:

    Wow, that is beautiful! ❤ I love matching book covers and I think I go a little overboard (bordering on OCD) trying to match them all. (Can anyone point me to the one bookstore to match them all? Please and thank you.) I totally get what you’re trying to say. I don’t have an extensive collection although I’m a huge fangirl. I’d like to have more books and I will once I start earning my own money. I have old paperback editions (the Silver Jubilee editions by Houghton Mifflin) of The Fellowship and Two Towers, but a new edition of RotK, given to me by my grandmother’s sister’s husband. The first two are quite old and fragile, but I love them to bits. 🙂


  5. Darrell Curtis says:

    I was impressed to see so much Tolkien-centric activity on your site. Are you folks members of The Tolkien Society UK, by any chance? I love Tolkien’s works and always enjoy seeing how others celebrate them! Cheers!


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