The Elf Name Generator

Tolkien Reading Event 2017

Every year on March 25, the anniversary of the Downfall of Sauron, the Tolkien Society hosts Tolkien Reading Day. This year’s theme is Poetry and Songs in Tolkien’s Fiction. The primary goal is to promote the reading of the works of J.R R. Tolkien! To celebrate, Pages Unbound will be hosting two weeks of Tolkien-related posts. In addition to our own thoughts, we will be featuring a number of guest posts!

Pick the first letter of your middle name to discover your name.

A: Enel
B: Voronwë
C: Finduilas
D: Curufin
E: Amdir
F: Indis
G: Aredhel
H: Maglor
I: Lúthien
J: Salgant
K: Elemmírë
L: Míriel
M: Nellas
N: Amarië
O: Tatië
P: Celebrían
Q: Mithrellas
R: Rúmil
S: Irimë
T: Penlod
U: Nerdanel
V: Lindir
W: Orophin
X: Gwindor
Y: Findis
Z: Finrod

Pick your favorite number to discover your title.

1. Bloodstained
2. Golden-Tongued
3. Sea-Wanderer
4. Strongbow
5. The Wise
6. Fell-Fire
7. Silver-Foot
8. The Crafty
9. Strong-heart
10. The Fatherless
11. Master of Fate
12. The White Lady/Lord
13. Ill-Advised

Pick your favorite color to discover your home.

Red: Imladris
Orange: Tirion
Yellow: Lórien
Green: Tavrobel
Blue: Gondolin
Purple: The Havens
Black: Nargothrond
White: Edhellond
Brown: Formenos
Pink: Harlond

Be sure to share you Elven name with us in the comments! You might also like this site, which tries to translate English names into Elven names.

Tolkien Elf Name Generator

43 thoughts on “The Elf Name Generator

  1. saraletourneau says:

    Amdir, the Master of Fate of the Havens

    Wow. That’s a pretty powerful name. I like it. 🙂 I also checked out the Elvish name translator link, and found out I’m Aranel in that “realm.”

    Btw, so far we all appear to be from the Havens. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ravenclaw Book Club says:

    Findis the Crafty, living in Gondlin. Sounds like a cheeky guy who is clumsy and accidentally destroys things. I like it! 😛


  3. Greg Hill says:

    Well apparently I’m Miriel Silver Foot of Tavrobel. And since Tavrobel was unfamiliar to me, I looked it up, and it’s on Tol Eressea! I like the sound of that ! So close to the Undying Lands ha ha. That works. 🙂


  4. Samantha B says:

    I’m Canadian, so I don’t have a middle name, but I used the first letter of my first name instead. I’m Irimë the Wise from The Havens. 😀

    My Elven name translated from English in Erulastiel. It’s so pretty! ❤ I might go by that name from now on 😉


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