December Book Boyfriend Box Review (+Discount Offer)

Book Boyfriend Box

Bailey from the Fictional Fox recently contacted me asking if I would like to receive and review the December Book Boyfriend Box.  The theme is love letters and, in addition to a YA novel, features a lot of unique Jane Austen goodies, which Bailey thought would be perfect for our followers, since so many of you love classics as much as Krysta and I do!

This is the very first book box I have ever received, so I’m rather excited, and I hope this is a book box some of you might like to have on your radar.

Inside the Box

  • We Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen
  • a quill pen
  • a Captain Wentworth inspired notepad (exclusive, from Drop and Give Me Nerdy)
  • a Pride and Prejudice inspired tea (from First Edition Tea)
  • a Persuasion coaster (exclusive, from Favoring Brave)
  • a Pride and Prejudice inspired lavender soap bar (from The Macbath)




This is really a lovely box. I enjoyed the variety of bookish products in it, and all of them are of very nice quality.  I was initially worried the quill pen might be weighted oddly, since obviously one side is heavier than the other, but it actually writes really well, and the ink is a lot smoother than I was expecting.  It works really nicely on the Captain Wentworth notepad, which does have very tiny ruled lines, but is very cute. Also, I am the type of person who would have no problem ignoring the lines if I wanted. 😉

The soap is very creamy and has a strong lavender scent.  (This may be a problem if you’re scent sensitive, but then I imagine you’re not really in the habit of ordering scented soap.)  If you are in the habit of ordering scented soap, I would not hesitate to check out The Macbath shop on Etsy  I looked up some of their products and the prices, and it is a shop I think I’ll keep in mind for ordering gifts in the future.

The Pride and Prejudice themed tea is a citrus and roasted mate herbal tea.  I don’t drink a ton of tea, though I enjoy it occassionally, but this one smells amazing, and I loved the one cup I’ve made so far.  I think it might also work decently as an iced tea.  The package usually recommends a temperature and brewing time. I just wish, since I don’t really do loose tea, it had recommended how much I should use for one cup, and I had to guess.   (A quick look at  the First Edition Tea Etsy shop suggests there should be two cups worth of tea, but I didn’t use that much and think I will get more cups than that out of it since it didn’t seem too weak to me.)

I, alas, did not use the Persuasion coaster for the tea, but it has a nice cork bottom and looks pretty sturdy, so I’m looking forward to using it in the future.

I also haven’t read We Are Still Tornadoes yet, but I’ll have a review up when I do.  I hadn’t heard of the book before, but the summary sounds really interesting.  There was also a signed bookplate and a note from the authors inside the book, which was a sweet surprise.  Finally, one of the cool features of the Book Boyfriend Box is that there’s a Facebook discussion group for all the books in the boxes, and the one for We Are Still Tornadoes starts January 2.  They also post the discussion questions on their Youtube channel, so I may check one of these options out.


Bottom Line

A lot of attention to detail went into this box.  There’s a note from the Book Boyfriend Box team, a note from the authors of the novel, and all kinds of cute surprises.  I enjoyed the variety of items and also think this box is a good value.  One of the reasons I don’t really subscribe to book boxes is because they’re often on the pricey side.  However, I checked out many of the Etsy shops for the items in this box and definitely think the bookish products and the hardcover novel together are more than worth the price of a single box–and that’s without considering the extra perks that come with box, like the signed bookplate and authors’ note.  This is definitely a box I would consider buying in the future, particularly as a reasonably priced gift for friends.

Want Your Own Box?

Bailey is offering our followers 10% off their first box! February’s theme is sci-fi, and you can order it now.  Use the code PAGESUNBOUND for the discount.

You can also check out the Book Boyfriend Box on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

6 thoughts on “December Book Boyfriend Box Review (+Discount Offer)

  1. wonderfilledreads says:

    I received this box too! It was my first box by this company but I really liked it, and I like that it’s only every 2 months. I’m excited to read this book as I enjoy books that are written as letters. I can’t wait to try the tea, too! I’m a massive tea drinker! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Briana says:

      Ooh, good! I hadn’t really heard of the book before, but it looks really interesting! And the swag is pretty great. I’m really enjoyed the tea!


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