5 Great Things About Rose Read

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.


I am a passionate, rigid, and vehement advocate of the Oxford Comma, but frankly couldn’t care less if you choose to carelessly split your infinitives.

Besides bookish things, I love dancing, singing, theater, and pretending my life is a musical.

Emily Offers Unique Content.

On her blog, Emily moves beyond book reviews  and the regular memes to feature original discussions.  She’s talked about The Echo Chamber of Book Blogging” and told us all what it’s like to work for a public library.  She also features content on the details of book blogging, such as the post in which she humorously discusses her social media fails.

She Features All Things Harry Potter!

Emily has waded into the Harry Potter canon debate, discussed why OotP is the best, and delighted us all with pictures of her library’s Fantastic Beasts event.  If you have a question about Harry Potter, she probably has the answer.  Or she’s simply around to share all your HP enthusiasm!

She’s Super Smart and Friendly!

Emily always leaves really thoughtful comments on our blog and answers the comments on her blog with interesting insights.  She’s not afraid to back up her opinion and she always does it respectfully while challenging you to consider her side of the question.

Her Blog Layout Is Clean and Easy to Read.

Her graphics are really delightful and her blog is easy to read and follow.  I think that new bloggers wondering what layouts might work best could look at her blog and immediately see what types of sidebar links are generally considered useful in the book blogging community and get a feel for good organization.

Her Tastes Are Eclectic.

When discussing literature, Emily moves easily from Harry Potter to classics to literary fiction.  In the book blog community, it sometimes feels as if you’ve read the same review for the same book twelve times, but Emily always keeps it fresh and surprising.

16 thoughts on “5 Great Things About Rose Read

  1. Emily | RoseRead says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Krysta and Briana!!! I am so incredibly happy and flattered you decided to feature me! Your blog is my far one of my favorites, so this means a lot coming from bloggers I admire! It’s also SO nice to know that all the things I want to come across on my blog are actually coming across to people! You are both so lovely – thank you! 🙂


  2. sophiethestark says:

    I definitely need to check Rose Read out! We sound like we could get along. I mean, we share the same tastes and she appears to be a down-to-earth kind of girl, which is awesome 😊


  3. looloolooweez says:

    I’m loving this feature. Rose Read is new to me, and I’m having a great time combing through the archives at work (instead of, um, working) so thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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