5 Great Things About Eclectic Tales

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.


Other than books, I have a range of other interests from (European) football (especially come the World Cup and the Euro), travelling, languages, and photography. I do also enjoy keeping up with what’s coming out in movie theatres and what’s on television (mainly UK shows, but also short series that catch my interest; I don’t have the same attention span or patience to keep up with a 22-episode season these days). I also love coffee; suffice to say I need it to survive.

As her blog name suggests, Lianne features an eclectic mix of media and reviews.

From movies to TV shows to novels, Lianne has it all covered.  Whether you’re looking for someone to get excited over a new trailer with you or hoping to find a new historical romance to read, Eclectic Tales is your go-to place.  Sometimes she even branches into soccer.  The diversity of posts really makes her blog stand out.

She features Canadian authors.

There are so many talented authors who are not writing from the U.S., but how do you find them?  Lianne occasionally spotlights Canadian authors!

She’s a Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fan.

Like us, Lianne is a huge Tolkien fan and celebrates Tolkien Reading Day each year–a very important date to mark on your calendars.  (Check out some of her recommended Tolkien reads.)  She also reads a lot of sci-fi and is currently celebrating an entire month of sci-fi!

She has a clean blog layout.

Lianne’s blog design looks incredibly professional and it’s also very peaceful.  There’s just something relaxing about all that nice open space combined with the blue tones.

She has a Lovely Personality.

We’ve never met, but on her blog Lianne comes across as a very enthusiastic, open, and friendly individual.  She’s also very excited about her latest reads and the latest films, and it’s almost contagious!  She also does her best to get back to any comments you leave and it always feels like she’s opening a genuine conversation.

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