Four Contemporary Authors With Beautiful Prose

Natalie Lloyd

The Key to ExtraordinaryLloyd writes unique, immediate narrative voices and sometimes drops a few lines so beautiful they feel like a sunrise.   Two quotes from A Snicker of Magic give an idea of Lloyd’s own magic: “Some people are born starry. Some people shine so bright you can’t help but sit back and stare. Some people can’t help but shine.” And, “Stories aren’t peaceful things. Stories don’t care how shy you are. They don’t care how insecure you are, either. Stories find their way out eventually. All you gotta do is turn ’em loose.”

Rainbow Rowell

eleanor-and-parkIs it too much to say that Rowell sometimes seems almost Shakespearean in her ability to describe emotions?  Somehow she captures just the right words. Here she describes teenage love in Eleanor and Park: “Holding Eleanor’s hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive.”

Catherynne Valente

The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All the Way HomeValente’s words always have  a sense of rightness to them, whether she’s writing the wistful and whimsical  Fairyland series, a magical realism Western fairy tale retelling like Six-Gun Snow White, or a sweeping saga of war and love like Deathless.  Valente’s work spans genres and, indeed, smashes genres.  Trying to figure out how to describe her works in understandable categories can be quite difficult!   She is always unique, always compelling, always enchanting.  And she possesses an uncanny ability to match her prose style to the precise type of story she Six-Gun Snow Whitewishes to tell.  For example, check out this quote from Six-Gun Snow White: “Mr. H traveled to the Montana Territory on a horse so new and fine her tail squeaked.”  And this one from Deathless: “You are going to break your promise. I understand. And I hold my hands over the ears of my heart, so that I will not hate you.”

N. D. Wilson

Wilson The Dragon's Toothspecializes in  fantasies set in modern-day America and his plots include a secret order of explorers in the Midwest; Grendel in the swamps of Florida; and a time traveler in the old (and new) West.  His plots are enthralling, his characters sympathetic and diverse, and his prose unembarrassedly idealistic.  He reaches for the beautiful and the true, and gifts his readers quotes like this one from Empire of Bones: “Cowards live for the sake of living, but for heroes, life is a weapon, a thing to be spent, a gift to be given to the weak and the lost and the weary, even to the foolish and the  cowardly.”

Krysta 64

4 thoughts on “Four Contemporary Authors With Beautiful Prose

    • Krysta says:

      Eleanor and Park is the first book I’ve read by Rowell and I was totally blown away! And I love Lloyd’s work. I can’t wait for her to write more!


  1. DoingDewey says:

    I’d never heard of N.D. Wilson, but I loved the quote you shared. Beautiful writing is one of the aspects most likely to make me love a book. If a book has only one strength, for me, writing has to be it.


    • Krysta says:

      He’s best known for the 100 Cupboards trilogy, but I like the Ashtown Burials series even more. 😀 And I agree. Beautiful writing can really make a book!


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