Otter Loves Halloween! by Sam Garton

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Otter Loves HalloweenINFORMATION

Goodreads: Otter Loves Halloween!
Series: I Am Otter
Source: Library
Published: July 21, 2015


In this delightful picture book by Sam Garton, Otter and Teddy prepare for Halloween–the best holiday ever!–by choosing the perfect pumpkin, decorating the house, and finding the scariest costumes possible. Unfortunately, Halloween becomes a little scarier than Otter wanted!  With some creativity, however, soon she and her friends are able to enjoy the festivities.

The story itself is fairly straightforward, the kind with a lesson for children (that possibly appeals more to the adults buying the books).  Things may seem scary, but you can find a way to confront your fears.  Solid enough.  But I’m reading, not for the lesson, but for Otter’s charming voice and Garton’s humorous illustrations.  Otter’s exuberance for life simply leaps off the page while the illustrations humorously moderate the story, showing Otter’s fear where she tries to play cool, her mishaps when she tries to play innocent.  The play of the narrative with the illustrations is sophisticated and fun, and something I’m sure children will enjoy, as well.

I also have to note that this holiday book is not one of those ones that you suspect the publisher rushed off to the market to make some quick cash off a familiar character in October.  The story stands on its own and the quality of the tale compares with the quality of the other Otter books.  Indeed, I would read this book all year long and not reserve it solely for Halloween–it’s that good.

Being invited to Otter’s home is always a rare treat and I hope that we continue to see much more of Otter and her friends over the years.  My dream is to see the Otter books become classics.

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