Anne of Windy Poplars by L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Windy PoplarsINFORMATION

Goodreads: Anne of Windy Poplars
Series: Anne #4
Source: Library
Published: 1936


While Gilbert goes to medical school Anne accepts an appointment as principal at Summerside High School.  Unfortunately, the Pringles determine the social status of all newcomers and they have a grudge against Anne.  At least she’s found herself a second home at Windy Poplars where she boards with two widows and their housekeeper Rebecca Dew.  Anne takes on life’s latest challenge with her trademark spirit and determination.


When I think of L. M. Montgomery, I think of beautiful landscapes and quirky characters.  In this installment of the Anne series, the titular character finds herself in a new town–apparently peopled by some of the quirkiest individuals yet!   Though some readers may pine away for the absent Gilbert, I found the time passing pleasantly with all the new people and places Anne has to meet.

Each new chapter seems a study in human nature. Here we have the proud but lonely Miss Minerva, who delights in retelling family tragedies and reminding others of the family curse.  The annoying Aunt Mouser, determined to find something wrong with everything.  The dramatic Hazel, believing herself always in the heights of delight or the depths of despair.  Vivildly-drawn characters fill the pages as Anne proceeds through a series of amusing vignettes.  Only Anne knows how to find herself in such humorous predicaments!

The nicest thing about this book, however, is how good Anne is.  Everyone loves her.  She’s kind, refrains from malicious gossip, always tries to be honest, and is universally beloved.  And she’s not a bit dull, despite what some say about good characters!  On the contrary, Anne’s goodness makes me want to spend more time with her.  She makes life seem pleasant and beautiful, even though it has its dark moments.  And a book that makes life beautiful is a book worth reading.

5 starsKrysta 64

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