Anne of the Island by L. M. Montgomery

Anne of the IslandINFORMATION

Goodreads: Anne of the Island
Series: Anne #3
Source: Library
Published: 1915


Anne heads off to Redmond College determined to work hard and earn the scholarships that will allow her to continue her education.  Along the way she meets new friends, is befriended by an ugly cat, and experiences love for the first time.


Now a college girl, Anne Shirley sets off into the wider world and moves away from Green Gables for the first time.  L. M. Montgomery gives readers some stability by having Anne room with old friend Priscilla Grant, showing plenty of vacations home to Avonlea, and transcribing some of Davy’s letters about life in Anne’s former school.  However, Anne is truly growing up and this story is about her finding her way and following her heart, even if that means she has to find a home away from home.

Anne matures gracefully in this installment of the series, retaining her love of beauty and joy in life even as she finds that she does not need to talk all the time to share her thoughts.  Anne now seems to cherish these, sharing them with those who will understand, and choosing not to let those without understanding fill her with bitterness.  Fortunately, however, Anne also retains the ability to find herself in amusing and ridiculous situations; heart and humor mix equally in this charming tale.

Of course, the pressing question for most readers involves Gilbert Blythe.  Will Anne ever recognize her feelings for him?  Montgomery, as usual, provides just the right amount of romance, balancing Gilbert’s signs of devotion with Anne’s everyday life with friends, family ,and school.  But Gilbert does, indeed, seem to feature more prominently in this story than he did in the previous two!

Fans of Anne will love reading her continuing adventures as she meets new friends at college, attempts to find the perfect house to rent, struggles to publish her first story, and tries to decide what on earth to do with Gilbert Blythe.  Montgomery delivers the perfect story of a girl growing up.

5 starsKrysta 64

5 thoughts on “Anne of the Island by L. M. Montgomery

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    Wow! You are reading all these together! I think it’s great! I never had a chance to read them, and now I know I missed out.
    Do you think these books would be good for middle graders? Just curios,,,always looking for backups in my arsenal….and I think this might be something appropriate for the younger YA readers!


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