Lessons I’ve Learned from Anne Shirley


The books that stay with me, the books I reread, are the ones that move and delight me, the ones that surprise me with something new each time I open the pages, and the ones that inspire me to live life a little better.  Below are some of the lessons that L. M. Montgomery’s classic heroine has taught me.

Live life to the fullest.

Anne puts her entire heart into everything she does, whether it’s studying to beat Gilbert Blythe in school, saving money to attend college, or just looking forward to the Sunday school picnic.  She works hard and gives life her best.  In return, life often gives her back, if not exactly what she wanted, at least some small happinesses.

Look for Kindred Spirits.

As Anne notes, they’re more abundant than you might initially think.  But if you’re kind and open, you may find that others open themselves up to you.

Forgive Others.

Just forgive Gilbert already, Anne!  Well, at least we all know from Anne’s experience that one shouldn’t hold grudges unless you want to miss out on a potentially beautiful friendship.

It’s Okay to Be a Little Sentimental.

Anne likes to wax poetic about the trees, the stars, the flowers, the lake….  Sometimes I feel silly pointing out things like that.   But though Anne is often ignored by her conversation partners when she expresses appreciation of nature, that doesn’t stop her from finding beauty around her and trying to share it.

You Can Recover From Mishaps.

In times of trouble, I remember that Anne dyed her hair green.  If she survived, I can, too.

Think About How Others Would Feel.

Marilla’s advice to Anne when she goes to tea at the manse is to stop worrying about how to act and think about what would be best for Mrs. Allan and make her feel comfortable.   That’s pretty deep, Marilla.


Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned, but if you give of yourself to others and try to do your best on whatever life path you are on, you can feel contented.

Krysta 64

10 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned from Anne Shirley

  1. Cinderzenablogs says:

    Thank you for listing out reasons why I should re read this series once again.XD! I love passionate Anne is, and her hunt for kindred spirits got me going as an early teen too, and now I’m here a decade later, still searching for kindred spirits. If there ever was a fictional character like me, thats Anne for you. That hair dye episode was the best. You are right, if she could survive that, i can survive/ bear through anything! Also her being called Carrots! and what followed was so terribly funny 🙂 I love that Anne stays true to herself as she grows. I love how the story went forward with the latter books as well!


    • Krysta says:

      Yes, I love that even though adults find Anne odd, she doesn’t let that bother her. (And the other children love her–it doesn’t matter to them that she’s different.) But the hair dye…it’s funny every time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Michael J. Miller says:

    A kindred spirit is one of the greatest things in the world to find! I think those bonds are the sort of thing that help make a friend family and/or turn a casual acquaintance into a true friend. I love the idea that they’re more abundant than we may think and living our lives with that in mind will only bring us (and others!) more love and happiness.


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