Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (8/20/16)

Post Round-Up

  1. Mere Inkling writes about Tolkien, Lewis, and Barth on Myth.
  2. Lisa Explains how to master the art of Booksstagram.
  3. Aneequah talks about duologies.
  4. Rowling has announced that she will be releasing three e-books on Pottermore with information about the Harry Potter world.
  5. Stephanie reflects on six of the bravest acts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  6. Angels asks what a reasonable number of special editions is.
  7. Caitlin asks how much attention you pay to a character’s name.
  8. Kourtni wants publishers to stop telling her every book is “the next Harry Potter.”
  9. Lianne recommends books for those who want to start reading Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
  10. Liselle asks whether you like characters with low self-esteem.

5 thoughts on “Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (8/20/16)

  1. Lunch-Time Librarian says:

    Thanks for sharing my post! And such a great list. Those new Pottermore books have been getting a LOT of buzz… and controversy. Because apparently it’s all about HP controversy these days haha


    • Briana says:

      I think the HP fandom has finally divided between people who want Rowling stop talking about HP and people who will never want her to stop. :p But every author who does more than a single series (or a “reasonably sized” series) in a single world gets criticism, I think.


      • Lunch-Time Librarian says:

        I think I’ve become one of the “please stop, and move on to something new” team sadly. Which is so completely unfair because before Cursed Child I would have killed for new stuff. Yes, that is true about criticism. Cassandra Clare gets a good amount of that herself


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