Anne of Green Gables Read-Along: Discussion 3 (Chpt. 21-29)

Anne of Green Gables Read-Along

Here is the third set of discussion questions for our Anne of Green Gables read-along.  If you would like to sign up, you are free to do so at any point throughout the read-along. The sign-up post also has the schedule for the event, including discussion questions and other activities.

Feel free to answer the questions on your own blog and leave us a link in the comments, or just answer in the comments.  You can also answer the questions even if you are not officially reading with us.

The questions for chapters 30-38 will be posted next Sunday.  To tweet about the read-along, you can use the hashtag #readAnneShirley.

Discussion Questions

  1. Anne gets into a number of scrapes in these few chapters: flavoring the cake wrong, falling off the ridgepole, nearly drowning, dying her hair green.  Which was the most fun to read about? And which do you think would be the worst to experience?
  2. We also get more of Matthew in this chapter! What do you think of his insistence on puffed sleeves for Anne? Were they worth the torture he endured?
  3. Chapter 28 brings back Gilbert Blythe in full force.  Was Anne wrong to continue to carry her grudge?  What would you do in the situation?  Do you think, if you had initially refused forgiveness like Anne at the landing, that you would be able to go back and tell Gilbert you were wrong?
  4. Anne and her friends form an official story club together. Have you ever participated in something like this? How did it go?
  5. Finally, Anne gets her experienced in spare room bed at Miss Barry’s in town.  What do you think of Miss Barry? Would you be friends with her?

Briana’s Answers

  1. I think the scene where Anne nearly drowns is wonderfully dramatic, especially as we get visions of the other girls screaming their heads off and running about wildly unable to find an adult, completely convinced Anne is dead and sure it’s all their fault.  It is a shame they seem to temper their playing after that (To be fair, who wouldn’t be wary after that?), but it’s such great fun to read about.  I also think it’s hilarious when Anne dies her hair. Mostly because it didn’t happen to me.
  2. Matthew’s insistence on puffed sleeves is one of the sweetest things in the book.  I love everything about it, from how he has to take a while to deliberately ponder what it is Anne is missing that the other girls have, to how much he struggles when trying to talk to the shop ladies.  Poor Marilla with all that brown sugar!  This is also great, though, because I think Montgomery is very sensitive to how much children can be teased and bullied about their clothes not fitting in. Adults very often write off clothes as frivolous things that don’t really matter, but being a child who always is forced by parents/guardians to wear something the other children think is ridiculous can be pure torture.
  3. Of course we all want Anne to make up with Gilbert!  It seems that she really wants to, as well, since she makes a point of obsessively thinking about him so she can pretend she doesn’t care about him at all.  Being friends would have been great for them. However, if like Anne I had said no to Gilbert at the river, I think I would have stuck out my grudge after that, too. Pride can be horrible.
  4. I never officially exchanged stories with other people! There’s something really awkward about writing, in that very often other people don’t actually want to read your work–and you get a sense of this quickly.  Honestly, I often hate reading close friends’ writing, too, simply because much of it is amateur (fine because everyone needs practice!), and many people don’t really want constructive criticism, just praise.  I find it best to avoid being put on the spot to read much of these things. However, I think a childhood (before high school!) story club would be great because I think most children would just be having fun and not too critical or even sensitive to whether the other people’s stories were “good.”
  5. Frankly, I don’t like Miss Barry.  She’s surprisingly less strict than one would expect, but she still seems like she’d be a bit difficult to be around. I’d feel I’d have to be on my toes.

5 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables Read-Along: Discussion 3 (Chpt. 21-29)

  1. La La in the Library says:

    First of all, I finished. I couldn’t help myself! Ha ha. In fact because I have the Anne ebook bundle the first chapter of Anne Of Avonlea was right there on the next page so I kept on reading. This is good though because I am doing a re-read challenge and the first three Anne books will all count. I have a feeling I will end up reading them all. Anne Of Green Gables was more delightful than I remember. I am so happy I stumbled upon your read-a-long! I never had an answer when asked what my favoirite summer read was, or when asked for summer reading recommendations, but now I do; Anne Of Green Gables. I will be answering the questions and posting an update on my blog tomorrow.

    My mother went through this “thing” when I was 7-14 where she was going to an Evangelical church and girls couldn’t wear pants and my dresses had to be four inches below my knees with sleeves to the elbows. It was hard to find dresses like that so she bought this one dress pattern and had my grandmother sew several dresses that were all the same except different colors. I looked extremely out of place at school and had only one friend and sometines no friends at school. Every other weekend and most vacations I was at my father’s house and I could dress normally and I was a different person because I fit in. I was outgoing and happy, and had friends in the neighborhood. Thank goodness my stepfather made my mother stop going to that church before I went to high school. I can’t even imagine what that would have been like!


    • Krysta says:

      I always love that Matthew understands instinctively what Marilla can’t–that clothes really do help children fit in. Montgomery’s never shy about her love of clothes and all things pretty, and she makes you feel that you can be interested in fashion without being vain about it. I just like her books have this seemingly worldly side to them, but, really, when you think about it, it’s not inherently wicked to want to feel confident about the way you look or to fit in!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ali (@thebandarblog) says:

    1. The whole cake issue was HILARIOUS to me. I loved how dramatic Anne was about it all. And as far as what would be the worst to experience? I suppose probably having a bad dye and having to cut all of my hair off! AHH!
    2. Oh my goodness I loved when Matthew decided Anne needed to have puff-sleeves. It was just the sweetest! And of course they were worth the “torture” (bahaha, he’s such a goof with women) he endured.
    3. I think Anne holding the grudge was very Anne-like. Of course it was wrong to still hold the grudge, but Anne seems to do things her way, doesn’t she?! I think it’d certainly be hard to admit to being wrong, but I feel like at some point I would just have to if I wanted to move forward and stop holding that dang grudge.
    4. Definitely haven’t participated in anything like that, but it sounded so cute!
    5. I don’t mind Mrs Barry. I don’t love her, but I don’t necessarily hate her either.

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    • Krysta says:

      Matthew trying to go shopping is one of my most favorite scenes in all of Montgomery’s books. I feel bad for Matthew, but it’s just too funny! And you know the clerk might suspect Matthew doesn’t want a rake at all, but she sells it to him anyway, because why not make a sale off the poor guy? Oh, Matthew!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Briana says:

      I really want Anne to forgive Gilbert, but I always think that in the moment I might have been impetuous about holding onto the grudge, too. There’s something infuriating about having to be rescued from an embarrassing, life-threatening situation from a guy you’ve been trying to pointedly pretend you dislike. In some ways being all “Nope! I still hate you! Gotta go, bye!” might seem like the easier path!


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