Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (7/10/16)

Post Round-Up

Post Round-Up

  1. The Parchment girl lists 8 things that are great about Hogwarts, and 3 that aren’t.
  2. Stephanie reflects on sacrifice and bravery in The Lord of the Rings.
  3. Cait lists 10 things bloggers shouldn’t worry about.
  4. Jillian tells us how she annotates her books.
  5. Carlisa talks about why book blogging is great.
  6. Fay reflects on mental illness in YA.
  7. Kristen laughs at how observant books characters are.
  8. Claudia explains why she thinks you shouldn’t force yourself to finish an ARC.
  9. Jamie asks whether you should pre-order games.
  10. Temecka lists some of her bookish pet peeves.

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15 thoughts on “Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (7/10/16)

    • Briana says:

      I’m not sure how many people read round-ups of the blog it’s on. A lot of people seem of the “I follow your blog so I already know what you posted this week” opinion. I figured it couldn’t hurt to just add it at the bottom, though.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Briana says:

          Yeah, I’ll glance over the review of the week even if I routinely read the blog because I never know what I missed. I think it helps to put something in the week in review that’s in addition to that, though. I won’t often click on the review, but I’ll read it if I’m already there to check out some other content in the post (like a link round-up!)


  1. Jamie Wu says:

    Thanks for putting me in the list! Cait’s post was great, haven’t experience a lot of the worries, but I’ll be prepared for them now 😀 Will be checking out the other links.


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