What NERVE Character Are You? (Personality Quiz)

Nerve Quiz


Based on the 2012 novel by Jeanne Ryan.  The movie adaptation will be out July 27 in the US!  You can watch the trailer here.

To take the quiz, choose the best answer to each question. Write down the letter of the answer you pick for each question, or simply keep a running tally of how many of each letter you pick. After the last question, count the letters and see which you chose most often. Check the answers to see which NERVE character you are most like.  Be sure to share your result with us in the comments!  You can check out our other personality quizzes here.

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun, and Pages Unbound makes no claim to know much about your personality at all.

The Quiz

1. Which animal are you most like?

a.) tiger
b.) dog
c.) panda
d.) ferret

2. What would you do for $100?

a.) Sing in public.
b.) Kiss someone you don’t know.
c.) Lie to someone.
d.) Say something mean to a friend.

3. What is one of your strengths?

a.) ability to put others at ease
b.) cool head under pressure
c.) attention to detail
d.) ability to read people

4. What scent should be associated with you?

a.) flowers
b.) mountains
c.) fresh laundry
d.) peaches

5. What prize would you most like to win?

a.) tickets to Broadway
b.) camping equipment
c.) a new laptop
d.) a great new smartphone

6. What color do you like best?

a.) red
b.) green
c.) blue
d.) pink

7. Pick a door.

a.) one surrounded by fairy lights
b.) one covered in travel stickers
c.) one that’s sleek and shiny
d.) one built by a famous architect you love

8. Pick a hobby.

a.) singing
b.) playing an instrument
c.) painting
d.) journal writing

9. How would your friends describe you?

a.) outgoing
b.) open to new adventures
c.) thoughtful
d.) dependable

10. How would your enemies describe you?

a.) attention-seeking
b.) moody
c.) vindictive
d.) boring


Mostly A’s: Sydney

You’re a social butterfly and love the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean your friendships are superficial.  You know just how to put anyone at ease in an awkward situation and are known for your loyalty to your friends.  With your talent and charisma, you have big things ahead of you!

Mostly B’s: Ian

You’re a bit of a mystery, but people feel they can depend on you.  You’ve overcome some tough obstacles in life, and they’ve just made you strong instead of bitter. You can keep your cool in a stressful situation and know how to calm others down, as well.

Mostly C’s: Tommy

Your friend group is small, but it’s close. You are known for your courtesy and thoughtfulness.  People know they can depend on you to say just the right things.  You also have a great eye for detail and are great at making sure things go according to your plans.

Mostly D’s: Vee

You’re known for being responsible, which you sometimes worry makes you boring.  You are very dependable, but you also have a spontaneous streak and know how to have fun when you want to.  Your friends appreciate your quiet enthusiasm and your ability to stand up for what matters.


4 thoughts on “What NERVE Character Are You? (Personality Quiz)

    • Briana says:

      I really warmed up to Sydney as a character throughout the book, so I think that’s a great result!

      I may just go to the movie myself because I’m so excited about it!


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