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It’s that time of year again, the time when you can read books and your local library will give you prizes in return.  When I was growing up, I waited for summer not only because it meant sunny days and no school, but also because the reading program meant that my family would go on more library trips and I could win a book of my very own at the end.  (The other prizes were mostly Oriental Trading goods and not that exciting to me.)

Now that I’m older, I appreciate even more the good work the library does during the summer.  Increased reading time has long been associated with higher-level performance in school, but many kids aren’t motivated to read when they don’t have to.  Maybe you shouldn’t need a prize to pick up a book, but whatever gets kids excited to read is fine by me.  Perhaps they started Harry Potter for a chance to win a free ice cream cone, but they might finish Harry Potter because they loved it.

I also have a new appreciation of all the services the library has to offer.  Below are some of the services I intend to take advantage of this summer:

Book and DVD Loans

I can’t afford all the books I want to read and all the movies I want to watch, but thanks to the library I’ll be watching the first season of Grantchester this summer and maybe even starting The Flash.

Interlibrary Loans

The library doesn’t always have what I want or need, but they can request books from other libraries!

Book Sales

I can get fifteen books for the price of one new book at the library book sale.  And every so often I can also find a DVD I want.  This is how I’m slowing building my Studio Ghibli collection.

Book Donations

I no longer have room for all the books I own.  If I know I won’t reread a book, I donate it to the library, where they will put it in their collection, use it as a prize for summer reading, or sell it at their book sale.  I like knowing my old books are going to a good cause.


My library offers a plethora of online resources, from language-learning programs to family ancestry programs to online courses on anything from photography to cake baking to chemistry.  It’s nice to know I can learn a new skill with  no cost to me!


From board game nights to community panels to jazz bands, my library offers an abundance of programs to educate and entertain.

What are your library plans this summer?

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16 thoughts on “Summer Reading at the Library

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club says:

    I always loved the audiobook department in my library as a kid. I don’t live close to a good library any more, but I’m moving soon, and I definitely wanna take advantage of everything in there once I have!


  2. saraletourneau says:

    I’ve actually been meaning to rent a couple books from the library. I’m not sure I’ll get to it this summer, since I already have several books higher on my list of reading priorities… But if I’m curious about a book but not sure whether I should buy it, I’ll see if it’s at my local library instead.

    And I also donate books I’m not interested in keeping to the library or one of the local book donation charities. There’s always a chance that someone will enjoy those books more than I did, so it’s better to give them away than keep them on my shelves.


    • Krysta says:

      Yes! I’ve read a lot of books from the library and was so glad I hadn’t spent my own money on them! They may have been enjoyable, but I like to buy books that I truly love and think I’ll reread, as I don’t have space just to collect books.

      And that’s very true. I figure I may have hated a book, but someone else might treasure it.

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  3. Emily | RoseRead says:

    I just started working at a library and I love it! Our summer reading program is Olympics-themed. Also I love this quote from your post: “Perhaps they started Harry Potter for a chance to win a free ice cream cone, but they might finish Harry Potter because they loved it.” 🙂


    • Krysta says:

      I think that’s the national theme this year–exercise. I know my local library is having programs on healthy eating and Olympics-themed games for kids. It looks pretty fun!

      I don’t know about most people, but the chance to get ice cream would get ME to like a lot of things. ;b

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  4. Jordon @ Simply Adrift says:

    I don’t think we had prizes to be won at the library when I was a kid, but I can’t exactly remember. I remember entering drawing prizes but nothing to do with reading lol.

    I remember at the beginning of high school, we had dedicated library time where the whole class had to go to the library and chose one book to check out. I remember thinking it was awesome. But I also remember thinking the way the library was organised was really bad, because there were no genre sections, so you had to just choose a random book and hope you would like the sound of it… Also the library was tiny. We definitely needed a bigger library!

    You should definitely watch The Flash if you like those kinds of shows. I’ve just started watching it and I LOVE it. It’s so good!

    Libraries are really cool, I feel like back home not a lot of children would be taken to the library anymore, not as many that were when I was their age. Computers and game consoles are definitely more popular. I definitely know that if I have children, I want the magic of reading to enter in their lives! I will definitely be taking them to the library every month! ha.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


    • Krysta says:

      I wish we had had dedicated reading time in high school! We had a library, but there was no time during the day to access it. I think they got rid of it now because no one used it–because they literally couldn’t.

      Maybe I should check out The Flash, then!

      I think it depends on the service area a library is located in. I’ve seen one library where tons of children are brought in by their parents and another one where the kids come in themselves to stay all day while their parents work. Since libraries have DVDs, video games, and computers, kids are still going to them–I’m not sure how many of them are there for the books, though.


  5. Ioana @ booksreenchanted says:

    Wonderful post! I love local libraries so much! Ours has some wonderful programs too, many of the same you mention. Sadly as an adult I haven’t used it as much -but one department which I do always rely on are the audio-books, because that’s something I never feel compelled to buy on my own.


  6. Ellen @ Quest Reviews says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVED my summer reading program as a kid! My siblings and I were homeschoolers who came in every week or more throughout the entire year to check out books as part of our curriculum, so summer was a time to do what we always did x100 and get prizes for it! I would read hundreds of books to get those little toys and novelties and also to wow my librarians!

    Libraries do such good work providing public services. There’s nothing that warms my heart quite like seeing a bustling library!


  7. Julia @ Pages for Thoughts says:

    I love summer reading! But it’s not done enough. My library says that If you write 3 book reviews on the online forum you get a prize. Okay seriously that’s a piece of cake. In general I read more books in the summer than most kids I know. I did 44 books one summer and my teacher was shocked.


    • Krysta says:

      Yes, summer reading should ideally be supplemented with other types of reading encouraged by the parents. Still, when you have parents who are working and can’t spend as much time as they would like doing these things, or when you have parents who don’t care or who don’t know that research recommends they read with their kids, anything promoting reading in the summer is a good thing! I would like to see schools get more involved, too. Maybe not with the typical summer reading that makes it a homework assignment, but some other way that gets students invested in what they’re reading.


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