Otter: Oh No, Bath Time! by Sam Garton

Otter Oh No BathtimeINFORMATION

Goodreads: Otter: Oh No, Bath Time!
Series: None
Source: Purchased
Published: June 2016


Otter and Teddy love to play in the yard, but when Otter Keeper decides it’s bath time, the protagonist tries to hide.


I’m really not sure what to say about this early reader.  As with The Best Job Ever!, the concept of a character fearing bath time and then learning bath time is fun is hardly new.  I hoped that Otter would make it feel new–she’s very funny.  But this may be the weakest Otter offering yet.

The books seems odd in that it both assumes reader familiarity with Otter and her world and does not.  Otter Keeper, for example, speaks several times before being shown–then readers see only his back and later a few glimpses of his hand.  It’s kind of odd  having this invisible caretaker present–unless, of course, you already know who Otter Keeper is.  But if you already know who Otter Keeper is, then you have been reading about Otter for awhile and the premise of Otter hating baths seems ridiculous.  She’s presumably been bathing this whole time.  Why is she suddenly hiding from the tub now?

I suppose early readers aren’t going to over-analyze the premise of the book and will simply be enchanted by Otter’s winsome personality and her funny attempts to avoid getting clean.  However, I couldn’t help but feel the whole time that something was off.  And yet, I still love Otter.  I want to read more of her stories.  I hope that the next picture book will again give us everything that makes Otter so lovable.

4 starsKrysta 64

5 thoughts on “Otter: Oh No, Bath Time! by Sam Garton

  1. Briana says:

    Yeah, I know that the target audience probably isn’t going to think too deeply about this. However, as someone who has been following Otter online and through her books since 2012, I just don’t buy that she’s afraid of baths. it seems like such a contrived story line, as well as unoriginal.

    This is part of the reason I don’t touch early readers. I think all books all value, obviously, but this subsection really has originality issues in ways other groups of books.don’t. It sounds weird, but picture books are actually more creative and complex, on the whole.


  2. Ellen @ Quest Reviews says:

    I’m kind of laughing at the idea of an otter being squeamish about water. It’s like saying “Trenton the Trout certainly hated baths!” I’m guessing this Otter character is pretty far removed from his wild roots, lol.


    • Krysta says:

      Otter’s origins are explained on her blog. I think she arrived on Otter Keeper’s door in a box or something? But there was never any indication before that she didn’t like baths!


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