If You Like Beowulf, Then Read…

If You Like, Then Read is a feature where we offer reading suggestions based on books you already like, scheduled once a month. If you have more suggestions, feel free to tell us in the comments! You can check out the rest of these lists here.

If You Like (60)

The Boys of Blur by N. D. Wilson

Charlie has never known where he belonged, not with a father who left him and a new stepfather who brought his family to live in a big house that never felt like home.  But now his stepfather has returned to the place where he grew up–Taper, Florida, where football is what matters and the boys learn speed by chasing rabbits through the burning sugarcane.  Charlie wants to belong here, too, but an ancient evil lurks in the swamps and the only way for him to save the lives of those he loves may be for him to sacrifice his own.  A modern retelling of Beowulf.

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Bilbo Baggins doesn’t want any adventures, thank you very much–until the wizard Gandalf shows up on his doorstep and drags him to reclaim the gold of a band of Dwarves.  But what will Bilbo do when he faces a real live dragon?

The Wanderer

An alliterative poem in Old English that recounts the past happy days of one who once served his lord but now lives in exile.

The Battle of Maldon

An Old English poem commemorating the 991 battle in which the Anglo-Saxons faced the Vikings.

The Coming of the Dragon by Rebecca Barnhouse

Rune washed up on the shores of the Geats as a baby and many have hated him ever since. They believe he was an offering to the gods and that, by saving his life, King Beowulf placed the kingdom in jeopardy. Now a young man, Rune struggles to fit into his society and to prove himself worthy to be a warrior. The awakening of a dragon gives him the perfect opportunity to show his mettle, but Rune fears he may fail his king in the hour of his need.

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