Why the World Needs “Supergirl”

SupergirlAs I write, CBS has not yet renewed Supergirl for a second season.  News releases indicate that the ratings were a bit low, though that does not necessarily mean the show will not return.  Cancelling Supergirl, however, would be a huge disappointment because the show does work the entertainment industry desperately needs.

Feminism on the Small Screen

Supergirl is great because it obviously features a female superhero (and we’re still waiting for a female to get her own lead movie, despite the domination of superhero films at the box office).  However, the show does more than throw a female at audiences, give her powers, and call her “strong.”  It features a wide array of women (indeed, they often outnumber the  men!) meaning that it can showcase women as people rather than relying on one or two to represent their entire gender.

Furthermore, the show consistently addresses feminist issues such as women struggling to receive credit in the workplace, the struggle to balance home and work and “have it all,” the need for women to support and mentor each other, and even the question of what it means to call a woman  a “girl.”  These are ongoing conversations society is having and needs to have–and the show is making them more mainstream.


Supergirl’s real strength is her ability to ask for help and her reliance on her team.  While Superman works alone, Supergirl realizes that she is stronger when working with others.  The women in this show do not need to compete against each other for recognition or, worse, men.  They support each other.  They mentor each other.  They respect each other–even when they dislike each other.


Frozen was supposedly the Disney movie about sisters, but Anna and Elsa barely interact with each other in the film.  I think a great sister movie would have shown the two of them going on an adventure, instead of Anna teaming up with a man and his reindeer.  Supergirl does what I wanted Frozen to do–puts sisters together on a team so they can save the world.

Flawed Heroines

So often the media gives us a “strong female protagonist” meaning a woman in a skin-tight suit who can punch people.  Supergirl does punch people, but she’s also allowed to be vulnerable, unsure, afraid, and even dead wrong.  But that doesn’t undermine her value or make her weak.  That just makes her a person!


Stay on the Internet long enough and you’ll find the complaints about DC’s dark world view.  Supergirl breaks this pattern by giving us a heroine who’s young, perky, and full of life.  Her real superpower is hope–which is less corny in practice than it sounds.  The show embraces its campiness, its laughter, and its bright and bubbly protagonist to give a show that makes  you feel good after you watch it.

Going Forward…

Supergirl has so much to offer going forward.  I expect it will continue to address feminist issues and I also hope that it brings on more characters of color because right now its feminism looks a little white.  As the show continues to find its voice, however, I have hope that it will continue to do good work bringing important issues to the attention of viewers, and making it more common to discuss ways to promote positive change in society.  After all, stories are more than entertainment; they are inspiration.  Supergirl inspires me, and I hope it can inspire more of us in a second season.

Krysta 64

13 thoughts on “Why the World Needs “Supergirl”

  1. readbooksanddrinkcoffee says:

    this post needs to be spread everywhere, you seriously just said the main reasons why I enjoy this show.
    I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this show when I first started watching it as I’m not a huge fan of superhero movies, but I do watch The Flash and I enjoy it and thought I’d give Supergirl a try. and OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SHOW! not only because of what it stands for but also because of the show as a whole. I would be so upset if this show doesn’t get renewed for a second season because it’s personally one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.
    – Yasmin


    • Krysta says:

      From what I’ve read, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before renewal, despite the ratings, but we shall see. I loved it, too, and really want it to come back! It had some rough moments, but overall it’s a fantastic show and I’d watch more TV if there were more shows like it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • readbooksanddrinkcoffee says:

        Same here, there’s a Netflix show called Sense8 and it has amazing representation of POC and LGBT characters. The show has gay, lesbian and trans main characters in it. It also has characters from a lot of difference countries, 2 characters from America, one from India, one from Africa, one from Iceland, one from Berlin, one from Mexico and one character from South Korea. This show also has an amazing and accurate representation of transgender and homosexual characters. This show shows how it’s hard for LGBT people find it hard to come out of the closet and how not everyone is always accepting of it. It is rated 17+ as there is swearing, violence and sex scenes but I’m under the age of 17 and had no problem watching it, I did skip certain scenes as I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. Each episode is an hour long and there are only 13 episodes so far, it is renewed for a second season, which is coming out around Christmas time. But seriously if you want a show with amazing representation of females, POC and LGBT characters I’d reccomend Sense8
        – Yasmin


  2. ravenandbeez says:

    I really want Supergirl to be renewed for another season because even though I haven’t gotten around to finishing the season yet, I would love to see it grow and defy all the typical industry stereotypes about woman.


  3. Lara @ Another Teen Reader says:

    I only ever watched a few episodes of Supergirl, because life got busy and then it seemed to drop off of Sky Box Sets (still growly about that, BTW) but I really loved all the elements you described here, especially the debate about whether a super”girl” should be called that – the scene where it’s brought up was handled SO WELL.

    I’m also slightly guilty about the fact that I loved the boss character, Cat, more than Kara (Supergirl) herself. But . . . everyone’s allowed a favourite, right?


  4. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    I completely forgot about this series! Supergirl? Are you kidding, that’s amazing! Yay for feminism. It was time we had a supergirl 🙂 I saw you’re reading Mechanica! How is it for you? I didin’t enjoy it that much, sadly :/


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