Five Free Graphics Tools for Book Bloggers



Unsplash provides free high-quality photographs–for any type of use.  You can edit the photos however you want and add them to your own blog graphics.  They add new photos every ten days, so it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Pixlr Express will give you quick access to a plethora of photo editing tools.  You can crop, rotate, and resize, but also add text, stickers, or overlays. The site isn’t perfect, but when combined with other free tools, it can be pretty powerful. They also frequently add limited edition overlays and effects, which is fun to check out.



PicMonkey has become a staple website for many bloggers.  Use it to make collages or edit photos.  You can also add text, effects, and stickers.  However, you can’t save work, so if you want to make sure your graphics are consistent, take detailed notes on what font colors, sizes, etc. you used for your graphics.



Canva is a graphic design site.  Use it to make headers, social media images, blog title graphics, infographics and more. There’s some free clipart on the site, and you can choose to pay for access to more.  However, the site often works best when you upload your own photos. However, it doesn’t really have photo editing tools, so make any desired changes on Pixlr or PicMonkey first.  One of the best features of the site, however, is that it saves designs, so if you realize you made a graphic with a typo, you can just log back in and edit it.


5. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a free Chrome/Firefox extension that will allow you to use an eyedropper to copy the HTML hex codes of colors you find on the web.  Use it to make sure your graphics all match your theme, or use it pick up color from book covers.  It will also analyze the color scheme of a webpage for you or help you generate CSS gradients.

CSS Colors





18 thoughts on “Five Free Graphics Tools for Book Bloggers

    • Briana says:

      I like Unsplash because you can do anything with the photos and don’t even need to credit or anything. A lot of bloggers seem to know about it, so sometimes I’ll see a blogger using the same photo I am, but so far I haven’t felt that was too much of a problem. They have so many photos you can still find some to be original with.


    • Briana says:

      I’ve attributed once in a while, too, but I like that you don’t have to and don’t have to go through all kinds of details about what you are and are not allowed to do with the photos.


  1. Lara @ Another Teen Reader says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU, thank you thank you THANK YOU.


    If my thanking in the rhythm of the conga chant wasn’t clear enough, Unsplash is clearly a hole that has been missing from my life. It looks SUPER useful and I can’t wait to use every single photo they have, so feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve been a massive help. *pulls you into way-too-tight hug*

    I love PicMonkey with all of my blogger soul, but you’re right: the non-saving thing is really annoying. Maybe I should try some of those alternatives you suggested – ones that actually save my work.


    • Briana says:

      I LOVE Unsplash! It’s so nice not to have to worry that you missed some loophole about how you can or cannot use the image. And Canva is great too because you can save the graphics and then copy them and make matching ones really easily!


  2. Penni says:

    What is the site where you can get vector graphics, or whatever they are caused. I can’t remember the correct term.


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