TV Review: Grantchester Season 2, Ep. 1



Rev. Sidney Chambers is accused of having inappropriate  contact with a teenage girl.  But, when the girl is found dead, the case takes an unexpected turn.


I had hoped to find a the first season of Grantchester at the library and perhaps watch it this summer, but found I could not wait to watch the show I have been seeing so much about.  So I jumped right into season two, knowing nothing more than that the show features a young vicar who solves crimes with his police detective friend.  It sounded just like the type of show I would enjoy, but, for now, I am reserving judgment.

Perhaps I need to have seen the first season of Grantchester since I did not feel particularly attached to any of the characters.  The vicar was arrested in the first moments of the episode and I was only vaguely curious about what would follow.  Viewers were introduced to the episode’s victim in flashbacks, yet I did not find myself particularly interested in either her or her case. Scandalous details came to light about the victim’s past.  I really didn’t care.

I tend to prefer stories that are character-driven, so this episode fell a little flat for me despite all its twists and turns, its revelations of new sordid evidence.  However, for now, I intend to keep watching.  Perhaps if I come to know the characters better, I will be more interested in their triumphs and struggles.
Krysta 64

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