Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (2/14/16)

Interesting Posts

  1. Anissa lists 8 tips and tricks to cure you of your book hangover.
  2. Alise shares 5 joys of book hoarding.
  3. Agent Carly Watters suggests 5 things to do while your book is on submission.
  4. An American Editor talks about what proofreading is, or what people think proofreading is.
  5. Josephine discusses planned vs spontaneous content for your bookstagram.
  6. The author of A Birthday Cake for Mr. Washington says she didn’t like the illustrations for her book either.
  7. Girl of 1000 Wonders reflects on how she has changed as a reader.
  8. Joey shows you why your book boyfriend is a cheater.
  9. Interesting Literature shares 5 fascinating facts about Katherine Mansfield.
  10. Cait asks what your favorite type of YA romance is.

One thought on “Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (2/14/16)

  1. Anissa @ She Reads Too Much says:

    Eeep, thank you so much for featuring me! 🙂 You’ve listed some great posts here, I’m going to check them out now!

    Liked by 1 person

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