January 2016 Recap

Monthly Recap

New on the blog

  • This month we started weekly round-ups of interesting posts in the blogosphere.  They’re posted each Sunday and have become quite popular!
  • We discontinued our “Entertainment Outlook” posts on Wednesdays.  They had a dedicated following of about six readers and, unfortunately, are really time-consuming to research and produce for such a small number of interested people.
  • Our blog stats are doing great.  We’ve averaged about 100 page views a day this month, which is going up in the world for us after being stuck around 85 a day for the past couple of years.

New in Life

  • Briana started another publishing internship.  This mainly involves reading and evaluating manuscripts, but it’s extremely fast-paced–basically the first 100 pages of a manuscript with a detailed summary and commentary every 24 hours.  Her reading of actual published books will probably slow!

Discussion Posts

Book Reviews


  • In February, we’re hosting a blogging tips event (as requested by our readers!). You can participate by submitting your best blogging advice here.
  • In March, we’re hosting our third Tolkien Reading Event. This has had a great turn-out in the past. We have enough people to interview, but you can still sign up to guest post.

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