Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (1/17/15)

Interesting Posts

  1. Jon updates us on how he’s feeling after the catfishing news.
  2. Josephine introduces readers to her new post series on Bookstagram.
  3. Cynthia asks what you should do when an author doesn’t like your review–and confronts you about it.
  4. Cait helps you decide if you need Scrivener for your writing.
  5. Alexandra defends negative reviews.
  6. Lucy asks whether book bloggers should be paid.
  7. Kaitlin advises readers on how to stop requesting so many ARCs.
  8. Cait explains why it’s perfectly acceptable to have an enormous TBR pile
  9. Simon reflects on who Gandalf is.
  10. Hazel talks about book blogging productivity.

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