Mini Bloggiesta: Jan. 16-17

Mini Bloggiesta


Bloggiesta is an event held to encourage bloggers to work on their blogs while connecting with others.  You can find more information and sign-ups here.   This is a mini event, and I do have a lot of school work, lesson planning, and other real life things to catch up on, but I’m hoping to get a couple things done on the blog this weekend anyway.

My To-Do List

  • Schedule a couple reviews and discussion posts
  • Work on updating the review archives
  • Catch up on any emails that need responses
  • Find any graphics that need updating to the new blog theme
  • Continue planning our March Tolkien event
  • Schedule more posts for our Blogging Tips event in February
  • Visit other blogs and continue in the Commenting 365 Challenge

10 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta: Jan. 16-17

    • Briana says:

      For me, it depends how much time I have! I think I probably won’t get everything done that I want to, but I do like seeing what the mini challenges are and meeting new bloggers. I’m not sure I’ll be available for the Twitter chat though. 😦


  1. gorelenore says:

    Good luck with you list. I read the comment where you said you wouldn’t get everything done and that is OK 🙂 Bloggiesta isn’t always about getting it all done it is about knowing what you have to do and feeling the love of others who also have a long list of to dos 🙂 We are all here to cheer each other on. Wishing you all the luck and a Happy Bloggiesta!


    • Briana says:

      I think that’s the only thing I’m really good at! I have posts into April, but I haven’t touched the review archive in several months! :p I like to catch up on reading over breaks from school/work and end up scheduling posts then, but I’m not sure I have any really cool secret tips otherwise. 😀

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