Your Entertainment Outlook 1/6/16

sun.To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the Folger will circulate copies of the First Folio across the U.S.  One lucky city in each state will host the a copy of the Folio.  You can check to see if you live near a host city here.rainbow weatherHer Interactive, creator of the Nancy Drew point-and-click  PC games, is releasing a new Nancy Drew game that will teach children how to code.  The spring release of the mobile coding game seems to have delayed the next mystery, Midnight in Salem, however.
lightningCall the Midwife will soon return and it looks like this season will address thalidomide.  You can watch the trailer for the new season here.

Partially CloudyNorth Dakota State University’s Systematic Entomology Laboratory has named a large stink bug Tamolia ancalagon after J. R. R. Tolkien’s Ancalagon the Black. It’s a cool name, but does that mean seeing the bug will be less scary?

nightIf you’re excited for the November release of Disney’s Moana, you can catch a sneak peek of the film here.
sunSteven Moffat has revealed that he is currently looking for a new showrunner for Doctor Who. Fans of his work can relax, however, as Moffat will stay on for another season.  Whether he will continue to write for the show remains unclear.

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