How To: Tri-fold Hufflepuff Card

Hufflepuff Card

Step One: Choose a sturdy 12×12 scrapbooking paper.

This card calls for a 12×12 scrapbooking paper to be cut down to size.  Make sure it’s a stiff paper, or it won’t be able to hold the weight of the decorations.  I chose a paper with a yellow and gold polka dot front and a plain white back.

Step Two: Cut the tri-fold card

I’ve made some complicated folded cards in the past.  This isn’t one of them.  Mostly you need to cut the card down to the correct size and then cut two slits into it.  I used an X-acto knife for the slits since scissors were too thick and bent the paper.  The tutorial for the card is by Sandy Allnock here.

Step Three: Cut colorful, patterned cardstock for the interior.

The PDF with the card tutorial also gives measurements for how big you want the interior cardstock panels to be.  I followed Sandy’s example in matching some of the panels, but you can add whatever color/pattern paper you’d like.

Step Four: Draw your badger.

Krysta actually made the badger for this card. (Thanks, Krysta!)

If drawing isn’t really your thing, choose a simple clip art shape to copy.  If you pick a silhouette, you can even copy the image into Word, resize it until it’s the size you want for your card, and print it out.  Glue the printed image (with a glue stick so it doesn’t bleed) to black cardstock and just cut around the image.  This is the badger set Krysta used for inspiration.

Attach the badger to the small left panel using foam adhesive squares so he pops out.

(Note: If you’re copying other artists’ images, as we did, make sure the craft is for private use, not for something you’re planning to sell!)

Step five: Cut out your Hufflepuff “H.”

Hufflepuff outside

Draw or cut out a Hufflepuff-style “H” for the exterior of the card.  You can use the same print, glue, and cut method you used for the badger.  Just resize your “H” to be slightly smaller than the far right panel of the card.  This is the image I used.

Use the foam adhesive squares to attach this, as well.

Step six: Embellish

I thought the card still looked a little plain when I was done, so I added some vertical black ribbons to the outside of the card and some some gems to the far right underneath the blank area for the message.  There are foam stars behind the badger.

I also added the Hufflepuff characteristic “Loyal” to one of the panels.  You can use scrapbooking stickers for this (as we did on the other Harry Potter cards we made), but for this one I used yellow cardstock and the Martha Stewart alphabet punch set.

Optional: Make an ENVELOPE

The way I attached the badger, his bottom sticks out a bit from the side of the card when it’s closed, so it won’t fit in the standard greeting card envelopes I bought at Michael’s.  Right now I’m planning to give the card without an envelope, but you can always make your own in whatever size you want.  Find a very simple template here.




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