End of the Year Survey Results

Year in Review

Thank you very much to the 11 readers who participated in our End of the Year Survey!  We’re still happy to accept responses if you have just heard of this fantastically interesting event and want to participate.  However, since 2015 is officially over, I wanted to share some of the survey results wit everyone.

Generally, the results were not surprising.  The answers correspond pretty well with our site stats in terms of what types of posts interest people and what our followers like to read.  All 11 respondents, for instance, like book reviews! (Who would have thought!)  However, a few of the results were a bit funny.  For example, no one is excited about our upcoming Nancy Drew event in April (We’re doing it anyway, guys!), but someone still wants to see an interactive Nancy Drew adventure.  Interesting.

End of Year Survey 1

End of Year Survey 2

End of Year Survey 3

Some Open-Ended RESPONSES

Do you feel Pages Unbound offers you content you can’t find on other blogs?

  • Yes, primarily through your review and book choices.
  • The range of books reviewed is varied/different and refreshing.
  • Yes. The events and mix of genres are unique.
  • Yes! One of my favorite blogs because of the books reviewed and the thoughtful posts beyond reviews.
  • Considering that I have a hard time finding book reviewers who are on the same page (Yes, you can pelt me with rotten fruit for that pun) as me, absolutely.

So, basically, we review weird books and everyone loves it.  Thanks for your support!  (Also, Krysta thinks she knows who you are, pun-loving follower.  She hasn’t picked up any rotten fruit yet, though.)

Do you have any suggestions for Pages Unbound?

  • Continue to be awesome.
  • Keep blogging!
  • Keep up the great work and awesome posts!

I think we can do this!



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