Supergirl Review, Ep. 8 “Hostile Takeover”


Astra returns in the midseason finale to convert Supergirl to her side–or take her down.  Meanwhile, Cat Grant deals with the fallout from an email scandal.

*Supergirl returns Jan. 4, 2016.


Though episode eight tries to balance Kara’s superhero and personal lives, the epic showdown between Supergirl and Astra takes a backseat to the more pressing drama occurring at CatCo, where Cat Grant is facing an email scandal and the possibility of having to step down from her own company.  The relationship between Cat and Kara has grown so much over the course of the season that Cat feels more like Kara’s family than Astra does.  The confrontation between Kara and her aunt felt thus felt like an afterthought–the necessary superhero component of a show that otherwise is all about workplace relationships.

And, frankly, I didn’t mind the emphasis on Cat Grant. I find her character the most compelling one in the show and I have loved watching her come to know and appreciate Kara.  Watching her overcome the forces trying to tear her down ended up feeling more higher stakes than watching Astra attack the city, simply because I still don’t know or understand Astra and her motivations.  In fact, I kind of wish Astra would just go away.  I’m fine with monster of the week–this show is really about Kara and her development, so no dramatic, overarching plot is needed to keep me in my seat.

Besides, it does seem like the show is trying to balance a little too much right now in terms of characters and plot.  I keep forgetting Maxwell Lord even exists until he pops up again to fit the demands of the plot.  And Lucy Lane?  I understand her job gives her an excuse to come and go, but it still feels like she’s only half a character.  If the pacing slowed down and Astra and the rest were saved until later, I think that the development of several of the characters would be better served.

Still, I love Supergirl and its bright, shiny passion for life.  I’m willing to overlook a few pacing problems.

Krysta 64

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