Supergirl Review, Ep. 6 “Red Faced”


The military arrives in National City to order Supergirl to test a new robot.  When it goes rogue, however, Kara realizes she might not be able stop it–not unless she can manage her own emotions first.



A robot acts as the catalyst for this plot, but the episode really focuses on anger, from Cat’s frustration with her mother’s disinterest to Kara’s feelings that she does not belong.  The show is strongest when it focuses on relationships and uses the sometimes serious-sometimes silly superhero heroics as a backdrop to Kara’s navigating life as a young woman, so this proves the perfect episode to redeem the show after “How Does She Do It?”

The episode alludes glancingly to the continued fear Kara inspires in the populace (because she could destroy them with her powers), but, as usual, this issue remains unresolved; even the major life decision of one character, that could have been motivated by an encounter with Supergirl, is described as being motivated by something else.  So viewers are left with nothing more than Cat Grant’s (really great) speech about women and work–that is, women can never be angry in public if they want to be taken seriously and to keep their jobs.  So basically Supergirl has a life-long fight to be taken seriously and one wrong move will finish her career.  It’s realistic so I’ll accept it, even if I just want everyone to love Kara as much as I do.

I do want to know why no one in this world is concerned with what the military is up to, however.  The military arrives with an indestructible robot they have no way to control and then it goes rogue, but no one questions whether the government should be creating this kind of technology.  Maybe things are different in a world where superheroes exist and citizens approve of actions like this, but I would have thought that Supergirl’s friends at least might have questioned what the government was up to a little more.

Altogether, however, this episode was really strong and it played up a lot of what makes it great, from Kara’s continued development as a young woman making in way in the world to Cat Grant’s evolution.  I’m so pleased that extra episodes were ordered!

Krysta 64

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