Supergirl, Ep. 4 “How Does She Do It?”


Note: CBS chose to switch the release dates of episodes four and five in light of the recent events in Paris.

Kara attempts to balance work, love, and heroics, but is it really possible to have it all?


I have to admit that this episode fell flat for me.  The fact that the CBS skipped over it to air episode five first and the storyline barely suffered (aside from a seemingly unexplained development in the life of James Olsen) suggested to me that this episode might not be key, but I love spending time with Kara and her friends so much that even a “filler” episode would be welcome.  The emotion just didn’t translate to me, however, and I found myself relatively uninvested in what was happening.

Perhaps I didn’t care about Kara’s problems because I did know, thanks to episode five, how she would begin to deal with or resolve many of them.  However, I think the real problem for me was the focus on Olsen and Lane.  I like Olsen a lot, but I’m not interested in his previous relationship woes and I’m having difficulty relating to Lane, who doesn’t open up very much.  Plus, in a way, she seems to take Olsen for granted, even though she’s arrived in National City specifically to try to win him back.

(Though this weird sense may also be because I watched episodes five, six, and then four–so I’d already seen Lane in her military role, which made me detest her a little.  She’s involved in operations that seem beyond the scope of the law and that could endanger citizens, but she acts kind of snotty about it.  Her jealousy of Supergirl doesn’t excuse her attitude.

I want to like Lane so much, but her character right now seems all over the place.  It’s like the writers aren’t entirely sure how to make her both strong and vulnerable, confident and human.  Yet all the other ladies do this well!)

I really wanted to episode to focus on Carter, who seems like a character worth getting to know, but his story was pushed aside to focus on the romance.  If he makes a reappearance, I’ll be happy, but I think this was a missed opportunity for us to get to know him better.  He acted mostly as a token character to believe in Supergirl when others didn’t and he was the inspiration for some more feminist talk, but he as an individual character could have received more development.

I know my thoughts here  random, but it felt like the episode was, too.  I’m just glad we got the Olsen/Lane dilemma out of the way so we can focus on other things.  Like Kara being awesome.

Krysta 64

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