Your Entertainment Outlook 12/2/15

sunAn archaeological dig at Shakespeare’s home, New Place, has uncovered the kitchen, allowing a more accurate representation of the structure to be drawn.  The site is expected to be open to the public 2016.

rainbow weatherSupergirlVariety reports that seven more episodes have been ordered for Supergirl, making the first season total twenty episodes.  Dare we hope for more female-led superhero shows and films?

lightningThe Harry Potter films may be finished, but The Guardian is reporting on the labor that went into making the props.  Head on over to read about The Daily Prophet, the Marauder’s Map, and more!

nightStratford-upon-Avon may feature an hamletobservation wheel between March and September 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.
sunN. D. Wilson, author of the Ashtown Burials series and the 100 Cupboards series, will direct an indie film, The River Thief.  The script, written by Wilson, features a con man who falls for a small-town waitress.

rainbow weatherIf you missed Google’s homage to L. M. Anne of Green GablesMontgmery, you can check out the latest doodles, including depictions of the boat episode and the cake affair here.







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