Your Entertainment Outlook 11/25/15

sunLost Years of MerlinDisney is adapting T. A. Barron’s Lost Years of Merlin series for the big screen and now they’ve announced that Phillippa Boyens will write the script.

rainbow weatherMarvel comic fans can look forward to a new series featuring Mockingbird. Chelsea Cain will write and Kate Niemczyk will illustrate the title, which will be released next year.

lightningBrazilian scientists named a newly-discoveredarachanid Iandumoema smeagol  after Tolkien’s character SmeagLord of the Ringsol.  The harvestman lacks eyes and lives in caves, making for what was thought to be an apt comparison.  Stephen Colbert has since pointed out that perhaps the creature should really have been named after Gollum.

Partially CloudyNBC continues its new tradition of airing live musicals on television with a production of The Wiz LIVE! showing on December 3.  Previous musicals were The Sound of Music (featuring Carrie Underwood as Maria) and Peter Pan.

nightAusten fans can now enjoy a poster for the Pride and Prejudiceupcoming film of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  The movie, based on the 2009 book of the same name, will be released in February 2016.
sunJessica Day George fans can look forward to the next  Castle Glower book, Fridays with the Wizards, in February 2016, and the final installment of the series in 2017.  George also mentioned on her blog that she’s working on a new YA series about the children of fairy tale characters like Snow White and Cinderella.  When their parents are kidnapped, the children must go on a quest to rescue them.

4 thoughts on “Your Entertainment Outlook 11/25/15

    • Krysta says:

      I’m actually not familiar with Mockingbird, but I’ve been trying to get into comics recently (I’ve read some Ms. Marvel, some of the new Thor, and a bit of Capt. Marvel), and this one looks like it could be good. I’m all about the lady superheroes!


    • Krysta says:

      I used to love the Merlin books so much! I’m excited for the film even though I no longer remember the stories.

      I kind of want to see P&P and Zombies, but I also don’t want to have to see the gore. Can’t there be a totally-unrealistic and non-bloody version?


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