Supergirl Review, Ep. 5 “Livewire”


Note: CBS chose to pull episode four in light of the recent events in Paris.

Kara dreads the arrival of Thanksgiving as Alex worries that her mother will blame her for Kara’s recent decision to become a superhero. But when a new villain arrives in National City intent on taking down Cat Grant, Kara finds that she has more on her plate than awkward family politics.


In episode five, the series finally seems to have found its voice.  Aside from the sudden developments in Kara and James’s relationship, the plot seems unaffected by the decision to skip over episode four.  Everything else proceeds as normal with Kara navigating personal relationships and her work as Supergirl.  New insights into some of the characters give this episode a unique gravity that suits it well; this show has heart and its often where one might least expected.

Thus far Cat Grant’s attitude towards other women has been somewhat problematic.  Though she supports Supergirl, she often comes across as judgmental; her opinion article, for example, bitterly criticized the hero for being eager without purpose.  Episode five delves more into Grant’s character, however, showing that her criticism is her way of holding Supergirl to a higher standard.  If she didn’t believe in Supergirl, she wouldn’t bother telling her how she could become better.

This information is juxtaposed with her treatment of another woman she took under wing–a radio DJ named Leslie Willis who has relied on vitriol to drive her ratings.  As Leslie transforms into an angry villain, Cat recognizes the role she played in helping to form Leslie, and regrets that she didn’t hold her to a higher standard.  In attempting to set things right, Grant shows remarkable courage and poise, and a willingness to change.

Once again we have a show full of women, all at different stages in their lives, all with different backstories and perspectives, coming together to support each other.  It was a truly beautiful moment of television.  This is one show that I really hope gets a second season.

Krysta 64

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